10 reasons you need to go see Steve Jobs

On Wednesday night at the AvonIvy Film Fest and Brown Motion Pictures teamed up to bless Brunonia with a free screening of Aaron Sorkin’s latest film, Steve Jobs. Here are 10 reasons why you must go see it:

1. Michael Fassbender. Simply his presence in the film is enough of a reason to go. Should I just end the list now? Not only is Michael Fassbender unquestionably and extremely attractive, but he also just happens to be a fantastic actor. Can’t we all just take a minute– and by minute, I mean the two hours that are Steve Jobs— to appreciate him?


You’ll have to go see the movie if you want to behold those ridiculous sneakers.

2. For the last third of the film, Fassbender wears what might very well be the whitest and most-clunky looking sneakers you have ever seen. They look like moonshoes. It’s awesome. They held my attention for so long that they should be billed in the credits as supporting actors.


3. Remember little B.B. from Kill Bill Vol. 2? She’s all grown up now and in her first recognizable role since Kill Bill (seriously, where do the child actors go?). And she’s actually very good as Steve’s semi-estranged teenage daughter, Lisa.


If you haven’t seen the Kill Bill movies we have some bigger issues to discuss here.

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Time-waster of the day: October 20, 2011

Remember when Steve Jobs died and Apple set up rememberingsteve@apple.com so that Apple employees and devotees could send their condolences and final messages to have them all compiled together somehow? Well, Apple just updated its memorial page to include a stream of all these emails. Over a million of them.

Assuming that you take about 10 seconds to read one of these emails, if you decide to read all of these messages continuously, it’ll take you over a hundred days to read them all, which means that you’ll be done around sometime next February.

Want an A? Don’t talk to Steve Jobs.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

No, he won't help you with your homework.

Long Island University student Chelsea Kate Isaacs was writing a story for her journalism class about a project offering half-price iPads for students at her university. After having no luck with Apple’s PR team, she decided to kick it up a notch–and emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who essentially told her to piss off. So Isaacs, pissed off that she “probably won’t get an A” now, got back at him by posting their email exchange on Gawker. Our favorite parts?


Because I have had such good experiences as a college student using Apple products, I was incredibly surprised to find Apple’s Media Relations Department to be absolutely unresponsive to my questions, which (as I had repeatedly told them in voicemail after voicemail) are vital to my academic grade as a student journalist.


Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry.

Then, one email later, he ended the conversation for good:

Please leave us alone.

Note to Isaacs: if you want to make the Apple CEO happy, you probably shouldn’t tag all of your emails “Sent via Blackberry.”