Splurge, Steal or Something Original: the Belt Purse

I don’t know if this happens to you guys, but do you ever buy the perfect bag–the one that’s gorgeous, will hold your books and your wallet and everything you could need in a day–and then spend all day digging around in it to find the one little thing you need? I’m sure this rings a bell. This Spring designers have an answer for us: the belt purse. Carry a book bag and a belt purse, and put all your necessities in the belt purse! Belt purses strutted down the Spring runways at Hermes, Jaegar London, Pucci and DVF, and now lower price point retailers have picked up the trend. They’re only a year or so behind sororities nationwide, which have been wearing fanny packs since at least 2009. Be chic and be organized this Spring with one of these purses/belts/fanny packs.

Hermes Spring 2011 RTW, Style.com , Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 RTW (This bag is $325 at shopbop), Style.com

And don’t forget to check out my blog, Stolen Style, to learn about the original design source for the clothes and accessories you wear–is your blouse/belt purse illicit?

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Splurge, Steal or Something Original: Japanese Infusion

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW, Louis Vuitton (Look #1) Spring 2011 RTW, Philosophy (Look #30) Spring 2011 RTW. Thanks to Style.com for all of these images.

You may have noticed a slight Japanese infusion on the runway this spring. Many designers took Japanese fashion themes and infused them into other trends like ’70s boho chic or 1920s flapper. Japanese fashion is easy to incorporate into your spring wardrobe–it’s fun, flirty and colorful. Try one of the three following infusions to start.  And consider donating to Japan Aid before you buy your next fashion accessory. Happy Shopping. Continue Reading

Splurge, Steal, or Something Original: Urban Cowboy

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Fringed suede, metallics, rhinestones, fur, feathers and leather–the Spring 2011 Ralph Lauren Collection (you can see their ads in magazines) was all about urban cowboy. How to lasso the trend for yourself in an original fashion? Read on. Click on the images for a full view! Continue Reading

Splurge, Steal, or Something Original: Maximalism and Graphic Prints

Hi, my name is Emma (Phileda) and I write a blog called Stolen Style about intellectual property in the fashion industry. Our goal is to inform college-age consumers like you of the prevalence of legal copies, legal and illegal knock-offs and illegal counterfeits in the fashion marketplace. You can visit the blog here, but also check back every Thursday for this series on BlogDailyHerald entitled ‘Splurge, Steal, or Something Original’ . Each post will focus on a current trend and feature one splurge purchase, a cheaper copy of the splurge for your instant retail satisfaction, and a third option—a well-priced, on-trend purchase that isn’t just a cheaper copy of the original splurge purchase but is something special. An example of this third option might be a vintage piece, a piece from an unknown designer, or a handmade find. I hope that this column will make shopping and getting dressed each morning just a little bit more fun for you —I really believe that being able to evade pressure from the marketplace to simply buy ‘Stolen Styles’ is a key to finding joy in fashion.

Right now I’m absolutely obsessed with Jil Sander’s Spring 2011 RTW Collection, which is all about maximalism and couture gigantism (think t-shirts and ball gown worthy skirts) and the inspiration for this weeks post.

These images courtesy of Style.com, which has been making Runway shots available to the public for years.

Of course, most of us aren’t going to wear anything like this sauntering down Thayer Street, so what the retail industry has done is taken Raf Simon’s work for the house of Jil Sander and made bright color, maxi skirts and graphic prints a major trend. Let’s try to channel that this week. Continue Reading