BlogDailyHerald Presents: Storytime With Uncle Teddy, Episode 3: “You Can Lead a Cow to U. Hall…”

Brunonians were def more rowdy back in the day.

Enjoy the third installment of Storytime With Uncle Teddy, an oral history of Brown provided by Theodore F. Low ’49.

See the first and second episodes here.

16mm footage courtesy of Uncle Teddy.

BlogDailyHerald Presents: the Storytime With Uncle Teddy premiere

Brown has been here for a really long time. And so has Great Uncle Teddy.

Join BlogDH and Theodore F. Low, known to us as Uncle Teddy—a Providence native, Moses Brown graduate, and member of the Brown University class of 1949—as we embark on a new storytelling series. Uncle Teddy’s oral histories recollect his time at Brown as a child, student, and parent over the last 87 years.

In the first episode, Uncle Teddy tells us about his background:

In episode two, Uncle Teddy tells a story about a WBRU romance:

16mm footage courtesy of Uncle Teddy.