BrownConnect and what it means for your job search

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If you haven’t read President Paxson’s email or The Herald‘s article about it yet, the BrownConnect website officially launched today. The site, which was proposed as a part of President Paxson’s strategic plan, is designed to give students the best opportunities possible in order to build on their education during the summer. Whether that means an internship in San Francisco or research on College Hill, there’s now a single place for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to consult in order to help them navigate through what can be a very stressful process.

BrownConnect’s design will certainly help its cause. After logging in like you would to any other Brown website (Canvas, the JIB, etc.), you will see a crisp red, gray, and brown home page with portals for both current students and alumni. I wonder where they got the color scheme from? Anyway, once you enter the student side of the site, you can search directly for internships, alumni connections, and funding opportunities. Alternatively, you could take a look at one of the featured positions below the search bar.

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Did you really read those mass emails from President Paxson?


This weekend, the Brown Corporation (which functions as the board of directors for the University) met for one of its tri-annual meetings to discuss policy and the state of Brown, including capital projects, acceptance of gifts, Paxson’s strategic plan, and the decision to divest endowment funds from companies that either use or mine coal.

Brown students are wont to skim these sorts of emails—especially when two lengthy ones enter their inboxes simultaneously. Didn’t catch all the details in President Paxson’s emails? We’re here to break down the news from the Corporation meeting.

Brown will not divest from coal. The issue of divestiture from coal has been promoted by Brown Divest Coal for several semesters and considered by an ad hoc committee of the University’s Corporation, appointed by Paxson, since May. In a separate email to the University community entitled “On the Matter of Divestment from Coal,” Paxson explains that the Corporation made the decision not to divest from coal in its weekend meeting. In this email, Paxson explains that the Corporation approached the topic through “serious, thoughtful and robust discussion” that “covered the full range of perspectives.” Read more about the specific perspectives covered in the email here. Continue Reading

The UCS Fall Poll is a thing that exists

The annual UCS Fall Poll was released yesterday, and offers students a chance to enter a raffle for Spring Weekend tickets. Just as interesting, the poll includes (we think for the first time) questions about the effectiveness of Brown-Secure. “Please estimate how many times per week you have difficulty accessing the Brown Secure wireless network, and subsequently use an alternate form of internet connectivity (Brown EZ, Brown Guest, ethernet, etc.).” Um 24/7 kthxbye.

Among the other notable inclusions were “Name three artists that you’d like to see at Spring Weekend” (Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus), and like seven hundred questions on the Strategic Plan. Take the poll now, maybe win Spring Weekend tickets (I mean let’s be honest, probably not but whatever), and do a little good for the community. Easy choice. Check your email for an email from UCS President Todd Harris ‘14.5 with your very own unique link that takes you right to the poll!

BlogDH + UCS Present: 7 things you should know about President Paxson’s Strategic Plan

Last week, President Paxson unveiled her Strategic Plan to the Brown community, in which she outlines series of changes and emphasizes key priorities that will impact the University in the coming years. Need a SparkNotes version of the lengthy plan? BlogDH and UCS have teamed up to explain Paxson’s key priorities and how they will affect your life here at Brown. The plan addresses:

1) Expanding physical campus.
 Can we build it? Yes we can! Paxson has indicated her plans to revamp spaces on College Hill for academic, residential, and social purposes. For one, she acknowledges that the Ratty is “long overdue for renovation” (!!!!!) and indicates that “collaborations with private-sector developers” may be in the works to expand housing options for undergraduates and graduates alike. Additionally, Paxson plans to “renovate College Hill for academic departments, centers, and new initiatives in space freed up by the movement of administrative functions to the Jewelry District” (9). But this isn’t the only way your concept of campus will change:
(BlogDH) Christina the Builder
2) …and building a virtual campus. All hail the interwebz!  In an era in which everyone is connected (and everyone has a Facebook, including BlogDH’s muse, KBerge), Paxson prioritizes creating a “robust virtual campus that enhances the connections between members of the Brown community” (2). This means that the University will find ways to tie Community members together online. This may include connecting professors with alums after they graduate, or bringing students who studied abroad into the classroom to talk about their experiences. If being connected with Brown faculty, students, staff, alumni, and being connected with others on LinkedIn isn’t enough—now we can all say “hi” to one another as we pass one another on the virtual Main Green! We love continuity at Brown, and these connections will encourage Brunonians of all ages and class years to leverage each other as resources. Just tryna stay connected, you know?
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