The music of SPG


SPG DJ Prescott Smith ’16 plays a basement set

It’s arguably Brown’s most notorious party, an event so renowned that students will wait into the late hours of a Sunday evening weeks beforehand merely to experience it for themselves. Commonly touted by the Queer Alliance as a safe space, it has nonetheless attracted criticism from outside media and Brown students alike. But, in the end, what would SPG be without the music?

“At other parties, people are always requesting songs,” notes Ben Shack Sackler ’16, “but at SPG, people are there for the experience, and you try to give them that experience.”  Known also by his DJ moniker Ethos Nebula, Sackler was one of three DJs who performed over the course of the evening, along with Nikos Melachrinos ’15 and Prescott Smith ’16. In total, the three performed for over three hours, providing tunes for the entire duration of the party. So what kind of music, exactly, was featured at this year’s SPG?

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Spring Weekend student DJ poll: Take two

The battle for Spring Weekend glory continues. Late last February, the Brown Concert Agency announced their campaign to choose a student DJ to play between sets on the festival’s final night. After reviewing mix submissions, they narrowed the pool down to three candidates —Nick Melachrinos ’15, Tristan Rodman ’15 and Abe Arambolo ’13—and put the decision in our hands. 

That’s when things got a little messy. Over Spring Break it became clear that some unfair practices were used to sway the results. By the time we returned to school, over three thousand votes had been tallied. The huge vote push could have been the product of a sweeping democratic impulse throughout our vacationing student body. However, the more cynical among us were quicker to attribute it to a few enterprising computer scientists. No one is interested in pointing any fingers — especially BCA — but turns out it’s very possible to rig results for polls like these using a script that automatically votes from open IP adresses. When the BCA came across “evidence” of this sort of vote tampering last week, they shut the thing down and started from scratch.

The new poll can be found on BCA’s blog. They used Google Forms to set up the poll this time, so the only way to vote is to use a legitimate Brown email address. Make sure not to get too tricky or eager; multiple submissions from the same email will void all of that email’s submissions. Listen to the mixes, vote for your favorite, and spread the word!

You could be this year’s Spring Weekend DJ

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 9.01.29 PM

Are you into “dope beats?” Do you dabble in DJing? Are you one of the many aspiring (and talented) Brunonian DJs? Then this announcement is for you: This Spring Weekend, the Brown Concert Agency will be featuring a student DJ during the set changes of the Saturday show. Said DJ would be playing with the likes of Kendrick, Deerhunter, and Dirty Projectors. Take that in for a second. You could be that DJ.

If you’re interested in submitting work, make sure to email a mix and/or video of a performance of yours to Submissions are due Friday, March 15. Don’t forget to write “First name, Last name SW2013 Student DJ” as the subject line. Once all applications are in, three finalists will be chosen. Their fates are then put in the hands of the members of the student body, who will then vote on the DJ they so desire. Let the games begin.