Tell Us Your Finals Studying Habits and We’ll Give You a Holiday Rom-Com to Watch

Love is in the air!

BlogDH Presents: Finals Bingo

The only thing that gets us through the onslaught of finals is complaining about them. In fact, scientific studies (i.e. my observations from the SciLi basement) have shown that most students spend more time talking about how awful finals are than actually studying.

So don’t just listen to your friends whine, turn their whining into a procrastination technique and play Finals Bingo. Keep it open next to your blank Word doc essay, and let the complaints fly. For added fun, keep track of which friend says the most of these and crown them Master of Complaining. Game on.

finals bingo

Get your friends to download the other boards (below) and see who’s the first to catch ’em all.

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Pizza Nite is here!!!

That’s right, folks! The bi-annual Pizza Nite is here!

04-rihanna-pizza.w529.h352.2x*Rihanna not included*

For those of you who don’t know, Pizza Nite is a magical experience where the Rock and the Sci Li dole out *FREE* pizza for students stressing over finals. The event is sponsored by Campus Life and the University Library. If you’re running low on points, meal credits, and your monthly allowance, then this is the night for you. The crowds can pretty intense so make sure you get there on time. The pizza nights are staggered, meaning you can get DOUBLE free pizza if you’re feeling really ambitious. If pizza isn’t your thing, then don’t fret: there will also be apples, cookies, and other snacks.

Pizza Nite is happening tonight at 9:00pm in the Sci Li and tomorrow night at 9:00pm in the Rock. Come one, come all!

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Four daydreams to get you through finals


Finals are brutal, and studying seems more soul-crushing than ever, now that the Naked Donut Run has come and gone. But do not despair, because there is still one sure-fire way to survive finals with a smile: daydreaming. Daydreaming can be done anywhere and will leave you recharged and ready to hit the books. Plus, you are capable of thinking about whatever you want. How cool is that? While I’m sure you have plenty of wonderful things to think about, here are a few ideas to get yourself to that happy place:

1. You’re in the reading room of the John Hay Library, running through flashcards for an Arabic final. You’re sweating from the concentration. You need to pass this final, because if not you’ll fail the class and possibly not graduate. A tap on your shoulder breaks your concentration. You look up and see Queen Elizabeth II.

“What do you want?” you snap at Her Majesty. “Can’t you see I’m working here?”

“Pardon me,” says the Queen. “It’s just that I’ve decided that I want you to be my successor. I’ve made all the arrangements. You start this afternoon.”

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Data Doesn’t Lie: The Real Winner of the SciLi vs. Rock Debate

One of the first things we learn when it comes to forming an argument is the importance of evidence. Without cold hard facts, intelligent conclusions and believable theories are mere postulations, and claiming truth becomes a very tricky thing. Unlike certain news sources, here at BlogDailyHerald we value journalistic integrity and are committed to delivering the most accurate assessments of what is going on around campus. But what happens when what we’re reporting on is a matter of opinion rather than one of certainty? In this case, we finally decided to take that age-old advice and ask a librarian.

The infamous SciLi vs. Rock debate: a discussion older than Tupac vs. Biggie, older than the Yankees vs. Red Sox, heck, even older than life itself. Okay, maybe not, but it’s still something that concerns nearly all Brown students.

According to the data, 99% of all undergraduate students have swiped into either the SciLi or the Rock at least once during the last year. That means almost every single undergrad has had to make the choice between the Rock or the SciLi.

What this article hopes to accomplish is twofold. Obviously, the most important question I aim to address is answering the question of which library students actually prefer. I also hope to illuminate the patterns of usage for each in a way that paints a picture of the libraries as much more than just places to study. Hopefully, through the data, you will see that each library has a character of its own.

I’ll start with the latter: What does your favorite library say about you? The first thing we looked at were the concentrations of the majority of the students that went to each respective library. What we learned was actually somewhat surprising:

Rock-SciLi-Attendance (Spring 2014)Rock-SciLi-Attendance (Spring 2014) pg 2

The most obvious conclusion we can make from these graphs is that Brown students are incredibly indecisive about what they want to study. The other notable feature is that the SciLi caters to a more diverse range of concentrations. Around 15% of students who went to the SciLi last spring were studying social sciences compared to the 18% who went to the Rock. The distributions were also more uniform at the SciLi, while the Rock had over a third concentrating in the humanities.

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The John Hay Says No to H2O


As you may have heard and/or seen on Instagram, the John Hay Library is back and better than ever. Having undergone a transformation a la Kim Kardashian from ratchet sex tape to classy Kanye, the John Hay is now a library you’d truly want to take home to your parents. If anyone has ever dreamt of attending Hogwarts, this may be the closest you’ll get to the magical university without having to leave campus. There’s an awesome collection of Brown memorabilia (crappy iPhone picture below) and a few cozy study rooms, but the main attraction is the first-floor reading room. The majestic layout includes beautiful new tables, chic-yet-timeless desk lamps, and busts so detailed and stern they’ll intimidate you into actually getting your work done.


But there’s a catch.

Naturally, one can assume that there is no food or beverage allowed inside of the reading room. Unfortunately, this includes water – THE ESSENCE OF BEAUTY. As an avid waterdrinker and someone who likes to spend long hours studying in the same location, this is extremely problematic. During my first Hay visit, I had to resort to hiding my bottle in my bag like a drunk hobo and taking secret sips every time I thought the coast was clear. You may think this is a touch dramatic, but those security guards are really, really good at their jobs.


So, if you’re like me and want to enjoy the beauty and quietude of the reading room without turning into a human raisin, try one of these (not-yet-tested) tricks:

  • Wear a Camelback (just make sure you face the rear wall when sneaking sips).
  • Additionally, consider wearing that flask bra that is typically reserved for Spring Weekend.
  • Craft an extra long straw out of several smaller straws and leave one end in your H2O container of choice, hidden in your bag, of course.
  • Hide a water bottle behind the bust of John Hay and pretend to be studying the intricacies of his face, if caught.
  • Carve out the middle of a thick book, insert a flask and straw, and feign near-sightedness.
  • Make water shots by filling up empty film canisters or test tubes, and knock ’em back under the desk (especially believable if you’re a RISD student or chemistry concentrator).
  • Replace your reading glasses with these.
  • Relocate to one of the study rooms and quietly sulk about the fact that you’re not a camel.

For those of you who are brave enough to attempt these tactics, we’re looking forward to your feedback.

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