Sunday morning Spring Weekend hipster

Normally, I shun any exuberant show of emotion.

But on Spring Weekend, even we hipsters get a little overexcited.

(photo of 1966 Spring Weekend hipster courtesy of the University archives)

1883 Sunday Morning Hipster

I grew this moustache to serve as ironic protest of the affront to human decency that is the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.

Naaaahhhh, jk. I just know I look awesome. And yes, my tie is checkered.

(photo courtesy of the University Archives)

Introducing Sunday Morning Hipster, a look at Brown through the ages

The notion of hipsters may have only recently gained meme status, but Brown has been churning them out since 1764, long before the Rock’s stairs were even built.

In this new weekly feature, we bring you Brown hipsters through the ages. So sit back, enjoy your brunch, listen to this weekend classic and ponder lifc.

I live here, in the Urban Environmental Lab Living Space, because I care about the environment and I want you to know that about me. I chose to decorate with a Botticelli poster and an obscure film still because the surprising juxtaposition will inform you of my own personal complexities.

—’86 hipster (photo courtesy of University archives)