Time-waster of the day: February 5, 2013

Relive the magic over and over again. This is all you needed to see from the Super Bowl. Oh, also the team named like the bird won.

Super Bowl XLVII Ads: A retrospective review

Someone told me the 49ers and Ravens a football game last night was prelude and postlude to the life-changing Destiny’s Child reunion. Anticipation for the concert (and shock after it) was so great that companies paid millions of dollars for mere 30-second ad spots. OK, I’m kidding. Super Bowl XLVII was great. New Orleans got blackout, and the Niners almost pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. That being said, the ultra-high production value ads deserve their assessment as well. Here are BlogDailyHerald’s awards/superlatives for last night’s commercials:

1. Best space commercial. There were four that fit the bill last night (including babies!), but the winner is definitely the 30-second spot for Axe Apollo. Now we know that the great chain of being goes something like Spaceman>Lifeguard>Shark.

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PollerBears: Super Bowl XLVII edition


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Three cheers for the nachos, the beer, and the heartburn. Hip hip…Beyonce!

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Puppy Bowl IX: The cutest event on television


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means large men from Baltimore will brawl with large men from San Francisco in the greatest place in the world New Orleans’ Superdome. Many of us will be watching for the commercials. Some will tune in to watch Beyoncé rock the halftime show, and others still will go out of their way not to watch in a show of apathy toward professional sports. A few will even watch for the game. I for one will be in denial, in full Saints regalia, doing a shot for every Hurricane Katrina reference and wishing I was at Mardi Gras.

There’s a lot of buzz this year about San Francisco’s wunderkind quarterback, Colin Kaepernick; Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, who’s so good at linebacking that he literally gets away with murder; and the fact that the head coaches of the competing teams are brothers (sup #HarBowl). But if you think that’s crazy, get this: There are eight sets of siblings in this year’s Puppy Bowl. If you couldn’t care less about football, or if you just really like dogs, this is the show for you. Today for Puppy Bowl IX, Animal Planet will be bringing together hoards of adorable rescue puppies to play on a mock football field complete with canned audience sounds, “referees,” and kittens performing at halftime. New this year is a team of hedgehog cheerleaders. REAL HEDGEHOGS!

In case it isn’t already clear to you, this is literally the best idea ever. Tune in at 3 p.m. to watch these 27 pups change the meaning of flea flicker. You can meet the full roster here, but we’ve included a few of our favorites after the jump. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: January 31, 2013

originalYou see, this is what I was getting at with the whole creepy Graph Searches thing. For the gratuitous run-up to the Super Bowl—I saw Dan Marino playing football on a daytime talk show yesterday on the TV in the basement of Faunce—Deadspin has created a very cool fandom map for the NFL. The first image shows fans’ allegiances during the regular season, but later images offer something even more interesting. With the help of Facebook, they were able to create maps of fans’ preferences before each round of this year’s playoffs. The results? Looks like the Ravens are a bit regionally challenged. The last, and maybe coolest feature? You can see what team the friends of fans of a certain team are most likely to support. It shocks me that so many people are likely to be friends of Cowboys fans.

Time-waster of the day + Alums who do cool things: February 10, 2012

We feel like we’ve been setting up a Time-waster/Alums-who-do-cool-things binary, so to de-problematize that, we’re giving you some audiovisual, Brunonia-reppin’ magic. Now that it’s topped 10 million views on YouTube, we figured it’s high time we post OK Go’s latest insane music video, “Needing/Getting.”  Lead singer Damian Kulash ’98 (Art-Semiotics anyone?) apparently learned how to stunt drive just to shoot this thing, which took four months of prep in the California desert, with help from Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercial budget.

Hmm… hold on… Four months of work, funding from a parent organization, a ridiculous premise — it appears as though Kulash and the boys got Chevy and 10 million YouTubers to help them complete a GISP. Real World: Brown edition.