BlogDH’s Fifth Annual Costume Contest: Results

Halloween is over, and of course we’re all feeling the withdrawal. No more slathering fake blood on our bodies, or getting to wear wings and top hats, or bonding with random students on the street because you like each others costumes. But for one last Halloween piece of Halloween fun, Blog brings you the results to this year’s costume contest. We’ve gotten some excellent submissions, and, as promised, our overall winner will be featured on our Facebook page’s cover photo all week. Check them out below:

Our overall winner:

Characters from the Nintendo Games Universe. Play it loud!


Names, left to right, first row:

Pom B ’16 (Yoshi), Zoe G (Luigi), Stephen B (Waluigi), Maddie K (Link), Soumya G (Mario), Maite V (Koopa Troopa), Ceci C (Toad), Marguerite S (Fox McCloud), all ’16.

Names, left to right, second row:

Carly A (Power-up Mushroom), Sarah C (Pikachu), Vhalla O (Princess Daisy), Sarah J (Mystery box), Rebecca F (Princess Peach), all ’16.



Two naked Sims, and one Sim that has been playing chess for 8 hours and really needs to go to the bathroom.


Names, left to right: Meryl C. ’17, Mandi C. ’17, and Sarah M. ’17

The (Halloweek) Last Supper

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Names: Sean O’K. (Jesus), Lucrezia S. and friends, all ’17.

And now, for our superlatives…
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Class of 2015 Senior Superlatives: Results

Brunonia, your voices have been heard. Over the past few weeks, you nominated and voted for seniors across 30 different categories of Senior Class Superlatives. The competition was fierce, the nominees led head-to-head campaigns, but now the polls are closed and the votes are in. Let the glory of your classmates ring loud, clear, and true as we introduce the Class of 2015 Senior Superlatives.

Most Likely to be President of the United States: Maahika Srinivasan

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.36.28 AM

Maahika is absolutely ready to ascend the throne of the United States, having finally mastered the correct pronunciation of “Taco Bell” and understood that a “down” in American football is not something to be sad about. Currently serving as the President of UCS, Maahika has cultivated several crucial leadership skills, such as identifying the best sources for adorable puppy gifs, timing desperate pee breaks in meetings for the exact opportune moment someone is about to ask for a favor, and mitigating every tyrannical decision with follow-up hashtags #sorrynotsorry and #trollsgonnatroll.

Best Friends: Georgia Tollin and Sydney Mondry


Georgia and Sydney became friends the spring of their freshman year when Georgia nursed Sydney back to health from a not-so-brief Mono stint. They agree on almost everything (peanut butter textures, English being the best concentration, and brunch locations), yet they have distinctly different opinions when it comes to movies, cheese varieties, and skiing. They’re known to coordinate their outfits unintentionally (see above), and are used to having people mixing them up all the time. And yes, they are aware that both of their names happen to be geographical locations. Every joke has been made about it. Ever.

Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality Show: Jo’Nella Queen Ellerbe


Jo’Nella Queen Cabrera Ellerbe (Jo’Nella Queen) was born and raised in Spanish Harlem in Manhattan, New York. Jo’Nella has thought long and hard about the very blurb that you are presently reading because 1) she is a writer/poet and words are so important to her, and 2) Because BlogDailyHerald will live on forever as a piece of institutional memory. So here we go. 

From the makers of Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model, and Love and Hiphop we present: God Save Your Queen, a truthful new reality TV series about a Queen searching for a space of her own. Get #prepared for uncontrollable laughter, side eye, those screenshots/receipts she keeps, and the glamour shots as Jo’Nella navigates understanding her various intersectional identities, relationships with family, friends, fans, and love interests while you sip your tea and decide whether the #SupportJoNella2k15 or #StopJoNella2k15 is appropriate for a given episode. Get insight into her favorite meals to cook, her search for spaces to practice singing and journeys from the club to her room to church. Will she end up working in DC or NYC post-Brown? Will she be a lawyer or on a Netflix Original Series?  Who will she retire Baes of Brown to? (also hello hi yes there have been several blizzards but people need to be #ready) What will her next hairstyle be? And her personal Bae situation? Tune into the next episode and find out workshops she’s facilitating next. When, you ask? Tuesday nights on Bravo. 

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BlogDH Presents: Senior Superlatives 2014-2015

It’s back! Just like last year, BlogDailyHerald is proud to be collaborating with the Senior Class Board to bring you this year’s Senior Superlatives poll. We want to celebrate the members of the Brown Class of 2015 by acknowledging their smarts, quirks, or potential to become the world’s next viral reality star. Here’s how it works:

Anyone with a Brown email address can vote, which means that all students and faculty members are eligible to nominate members of the senior class.

You can:
1) Nominate seniors in 30 different categories. Nominations will close on  Monday, January 26 at 11:59 p.m.

Then, you can:
2) Vote for one of the top five nominees in each category. Voting will close Sunday, February 1 at 11:59p.m.

The results will then be posted in the following week here on BlogDailyHerald. So what now? Nominate seniors across 30 categories in a Google Form after the jump!

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BlogDH Presents: Fall 2014 Cubicle Superlatives!

As you’re probably well-aware, finals season is in full swing. It’s time for the University’s study resources to shine, so in honor of the many long hours we’re all spending in libraries, here are BlogDH’s official Fall 2014 Cubicle Superlatives! (This is definitely a thing that is real.)


Most beautiful: Main Reading Room, the Rock. Brand-new to the University, the Rock’s main reading room features several cubicles that can only be described as undeniably sexy. Just look at those partitions. And the chairs are so ergonomic…swoon.


Most artistic: RISD Library. I mean, the RISD library is literally an art school library. It doesn’t get much more artistic than that.


Cutest couple: SciLi, 13th floor. Look at that configuration–they’re truly lovers intertwined. So adorable.

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Class of 2014 Senior Superlatives: Voting


Earlier this week, we presented our first annual Senior Superlatives. You nominated seniors across 30 different categories. Your job now? Vote for one of the top five nominees in each category.

Everyone—freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, professors, their pets, your parents (well, maybe not your parents)—is eligible to vote.  Vote now (after the jump) or forever hold your peace. Voting will close Monday, December 9 at 11:59 p.m.

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SPRING2014: Course Superlatives


Pre-registration has officially begun, meaning we have all been (or should be) spending a good amount of quality time with Banner. While we at Blog cannot provide you with your advising PIN or any desperately needed overrides, we can give you the reassurance you need while freaking out about what classes to take and what to do with your life: Don’t worry about that stuff, focus on how hilarious all the course titles are! It’s time for another round of excellently researched course superlatives…

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