Fill out BCA’s survey for a shot at free Spring Weekend tickets!


The Illuminati Brown Concert Agency has released a survey that you should definitely take the time to fill out. As they prepare next year’s budget for Spring Weekend, they want as much feedback as possible about what students really look for from the concerts. It’s just 4 questions long, and the more participation from Brown students that BCA gets, the better Spring Weekend becomes. Click this link for the survey.

PS – BCA has announced how they will be revealing this year’s lineup. On March 11 at 9 p.m. — a Tuesday! — they will be holding a concert at Whiskey Whisko that will culminate with a midnight announcement that will no doubt shake the city to its core. Prepare yourselves; Spring Week is coming.

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Brown (finally!!!!) has plans to update Web site

Today’s Morning Mail had a submission about Brown’s plans for a new website. The message provided a link to a survey about three possible templates for the new Brown website. As we all know, the current one is a bit…drab. It’s pretty outdated to say the least, and not very exciting.

Brown finally realized there were serious problems with the site, and the new templates are completely different from the current site.

To check them out and to give your input, go to the survey here. As they say in the message, it really doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, so give it a shot.