12 Days of Spring Weekend: Kelela


Indie-R&B vocalist Kelela has been somewhat of a dark horse in this year’s Spring Weekend lineup; not as famous as Modest Mouse or Waka Flocka and not as notoriously crazy as Pusha T or Hudson Mohawke, she seems to have been somewhat under-played by the majority of the Brown community. So, I’m here to set the record straight and provide some much-deserved hype for this year’s most underrated artist.

Before I continue, I must confess that I’m slightly obsessed with Kelela; my phone auto-corrects her name to “KELELA” every time that I try to type her name in text messages (or, more embarrassingly, on Facebook).

Kelela, a.k.a. Kelela Mizanekristos, is a Los Angeles-based electronic-alternative-R&B vocalist whose sound can best be described as unwaveringly honest, genre-defying, experimental, ethereal over heavy instrumentals, and consistently raw. She first broke into the music scene after meeting the musicians of famed electronic music collectives Fade to Mind and Night Slugs, where she provided vocals for notable producers and began recording material for her first album.

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