SPONSORED: The first annual Brown Bookstore Poll!

We love the Brown Bookstore. Over the past few years, we believe it has tailored its selections to our needs and has become creative with its apparel offerings, both in terms of brands (read: Polo) and items (read: those badass blue sweaters with the large “B” on them).

We are very happy to help out the Bookstore evolve even further to meet the ever-changing needs of the Brown community through our First Annual Bookstore Poll!  Responding to this incredibly short survey will help the Bookstore supply you with the Brown swag, gear, and essentials you need as a Brown student… and if that isn’t convincing enough, one lucky respondent will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Bookstore!

Think of this as your opportunity to let the Bookstore tailor its apparel and goodies to your needs. Fill out this survey to help the Bookstore make all of your apparel-filled dreams come true.

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SPONSORED: Family Weekend 2012 Lookbook presented by the Brown Bookstore

Family Weekend is just around the corner, and you know what that means: trips to the Brown Bookstore on your parents’ dime! But this Family Weekend, the Bookstore has more than just the fresh Brown apparel and accessories that you love—they also have the coolest threads for your family members.

That’s right: your parents can return to your hometown donning Brown apparel so that they can ever-so-subtly remind your friends and neighbors that you go here. Not only this, but they can do so while wearing the finest of brand names, including Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, Brooks Brothers, Under Armour, Gear, and Champion. The finest of threads with the name of the finest university plastered across the front? Seems like a win-win: Your family members will be bursting at the seams with Brown pride, and they’ll look extremely stylish in the process.

Be sure to plan a trip to the Bookstore while your parents are in town. Let your family show you off, and let them do so in style. Your parents will be thrilled with the selection.

Alums who do absurd things (for a Geoff’s sandwich): Steve Rothstein ’72

Flights, on top of flights, on top of flights. Steve Rothstein ’72, an investment banker from New York, purchased an American Airlines AAirpass in 1987 that grants him unlimited flights — whenever, wherever.  According to the NY Post, the Brown alum has tallied a staggering 10 million miles of travel over 10,000 flights; he even occasionally stops by good ole’ Geoff’s for his favorite bologna and Swiss melt (The Bobbi Riggs?) on a whim. Since 1987, Rothstein has flown to England upwards of 500 times, Tokyo 120 times and Australia 70 times. Who doesn’t enjoy airplanes?!

Recently, his AAirpass was revoked due to fraudulent activity; in many cases Rothstein would merely label his second ticket under the name ‘Bag Rothstein.’ How baller is that?  Rothstein has filed an appeal and is currently waiting for a ruling on the case. In the meantime, I hear that the automobile serves as an effective mode of transportation.

Brown Bookstore swag is nuts…literally

Alright, alright, Grandma, we get it — you want tangible, wearable evidence to prove that your grandchild goes to Brown so you can brag to all your friends in book club. You’re being annoying, but we totally understand…we’re kind of a big deal.

The pressure’s on from all angles to return home from school with tons of Brown apparel for everyone: friends, parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, etc. In purchasing a gift from any college bookstore, three criteria must be met: The gift must 1) boast name of college (the bigger the better), 2) be practical and 3) tasteful. Although everyone (predictably) will want you to buy them a T-shirt or sweatshirt with BROWN plastered obnoxiously across the front, you should consider purchasing something a little more unconventional… because now you can. The Brown Bookstore has stepped up its game this semester and has a lot of new (and bizarre) merchandise for us to choose from. Here are some gifts that will render the recipient speechless and still satisfy our three criteria for purchasing college swag:

Because everyone wants a Brown student’s nuts… especially if they’re gourmet.
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“Nothing Productive” premieres tonight!

Producing a play is hell.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. And maddening. And gut-wrenching.

Do you want all these emotions, and a kickass ensemble cast to go with it? Then hit up Kassar Fox at 9 p.m. tonight and enjoy the debut of “Nothing Productive,” an original webseries chronicling the trials and tribulations of dysfunctional students trying to create functional… stuff. Eight people stuck in one room with an overload of chaos and questionable levels of sanity, attempting to make theater things happen — what could possibly go wrong? Written and directed by Kate Doyle ’12, executively produced by Andrew Favaloro GS, produced by Josh Bloom ’14, and starring the cream of Brown’s acting crop, “Nothing Productive” is, honest to God, the best thing you can do to pump yourselves up for Spring Weekend. You won’t get any work done anyways, so why not have a laugh or ten watching others do the same?

And then watch ours afterwards

Breakfast with Buddy

It came to our attention that some fools on campus thought our inaugural Breakfast with Buddy post was fake. That we had a meal put together and photographed. That we were lying to you. That we had betrayed our blah blah… you know the drill.

To the haters we have only this to say: you don’t got no swag until you’ve worn a suit to breakfast. Haters gon’ hate.

Calorie crunch:

  • Two slices of whole wheat toast, 100.
  • Yogurt, 80.
  • Grapefruit and banana, 120.

We also asked Buddy about his favorite restaurant in Providence, and he said, “Depends on what I am in the mood for!” Guess that means y’all better be on your best behavior during those 5 a.m. Loui’s runs…