Brooks Brothers picks favorites – Brown doesn’t make the cut

Take Ivy / Sayles Hall 1964

Touche hipsters – you may have won this round, but we will not surrender.

Though Brown has its share of tree-huggers and trustafarians, we know that it is also home to an abundance of patagonia-clad, boatshoe-wearing, dizzybat playing varsity-letter athletes and future politicians.  Prep is deeply engrained in our school’s legacy, even older than Keeney Quad or the Van Wickle Gates.  Our preppy nature and formerly ivy-covered buildings have been featured in the pages of  the prepster’s bible, Take Ivy;  “Bruno” is a member of The Official  Preppy Handbook’s glossary; it is the alma mater of both a Rockefeller AND a Kennedy; we even have customized Vineyard Vines merchandise!  Clearly that wasn’t enough for our friends over at Brooks Brothers, who decided not to include Brown in its new line of “College Apparel.”

Don’t they know who we are?  Can’t someone make an “angry” phonecall to Daddy?  In fine Brown fashion, it’s time stage a boycott – bye bye Brooks Brothers, hello J.Crew.