Spotlight on Nime Chow: Ensuring that your Nime is a Ten

Pronunciation variations: neem-chow, nim-chow, neemeh-chow

You’re not that hungry, but you’re in the mood for something fresh and satisfying. You walk into the Blue Room and notice that the sandwich line is too long, you’ve had the sushi too many times, and the wait for General Tso’s Chicken just doesn’t seem worth it. You turn to leave, disappointed by your options, when something amidst the yogurts catches your eye. You walk over. Curious, you read the label: Nime Chow. “What’s Nime Chow?” you might ask yourself as you examine the two perfectly wrapped rolls of Cambodian goodness. Luckily for you, we’re here to give the Nime Chow nitty-gritty.  Continue Reading