Hard in da Tank: A round-up for 2015

Spring Weekend tanks can be so many things: oddly specific, occasionally unflatteringly, aggressively well designed, and in support of a good cause. Another year means another round-up, so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision on which piece of apparel you will be almost puking on ROCKING come April. Welcome to the line-up release party, swag edition.

The feminist killjoy:

Shout-out to our fellow student publication, bluestockings, for taking a b.s. insult and turning it into an awesome tank. Also, a shout-out to booster.com, which really wants us to know that the colors shown may vary from shirt to shirt. Proceeds go towards keeping bluestocking’s website, magazine, and workshops alive and well. $20 here.

The tanks that won’t leave you alone:

From Facebook groups to posters in the Jameson bathroom, these babies have been everywhere. The dizzy bear design is solid, and the plant-friendly option could always be reincorporated into your wardrobe later in the month… or if Willie Nelson visits Providence. $15 here, before shipping and handling.

The throwback:


For everyone who is bummed that neither the Backstreet Boys or the Spice Girls will be making an appearance this Spring Weekend, these tanks are for you. Also, for everyone who loves and requires consent (which should, indeed, be everyone). The shirts are relevant, and the altered lyrics are extremely catchy. Friends may last forever but Spring Weekend never ends. $16 here, and “profits go towards sexual assault prevention education, and the Day One Sexual Assault and Trauma Center.”

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Fishin’ for Fun: A expose on aquatic life in the Leung Gallery


This past Friday, the Leung Gallery hosted an event filled with free goldfish, of the cracker and the alive species. Attending students received their own tank to decorate, a gilled pet, a food packet, and a “Caring for your fish!” information slip. Finding Nemo was screened in the background, which is pretty ironic, considering the plot involves a clownfish who gets abducted from his family in the ocean, and then proceeds to freak the f**k out.

As someone who has seen the movie Blackfish, I was pretty concerned about animal safety. As someone who appreciates arts and crafts, I was intrigued. According to the event coordinators, this is an event back by popular demand; last year they actually ran out of fish. For 2015, they stocked up with 300 tanks, and approximately 300 fish.

How did the Campus Center choose the lucky genus? Well, they initially called PetCo to describe the event and circumstances, and the store sold them what was appropriate: feeder fish, who are bred to satiate the appetite of larger, cooler fish. The folks at the Leung Gallery phrased the giveaway as “a second chance at life.”


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PSA: Our tanks are here!

blogtankThe tanks are here, and they are awesome! For those of you who chose not to have them directly shipped to you, we have them and are going to be distributing them starting tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. in Faunce. Check this Facebook event and our page for updates on when exactly we will be giving them out.

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Seniors: Vote for your favorite free Spring Week tank!

Yep. Tanks. Fo’ free. In honor of our last Spring Week here at Brown, the Senior Class Gift Committee has decided to team up with Advancement’s Annual Giving Team, which has decided to pick up the tab on limited edition tanks for the members of the class of 2014! (Tanks will be given out the week before Spring Week on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seniors will only be eligible to receive a tank if they’ve already contributed to the 2014 Senior Gift. Make your 2014 Senior Gift at gifts.brown.edu.)

Here’s where you come in: Exercise your natural right and vote for your favorite design below. Determine which one of these designs (made by your very own classmates!) gets sent to the printer and ends up on a sick SW tank. Democracy! Choice! The right to bare arms! Get to it, because the polls close on Friday at 12 p.m.

Which design would you like to see on a Senior Spring Week tank?

  • Design 1 (60%, 263 Votes)
  • Design 2 (37%, 160 Votes)
  • Design 3 (3%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 437

Loading ... Loading ...

Design 1


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Spring Weekend Tanks: A round-up for 2014

Last week, we gave you BCA’s line-up for Spring Weekend. This week, we bring you tanks on tanks on tanks. We understand how overwhelming it can be to prowl around on your Facebook newsfeed and various class pages in search of the Spring Weekend apparel that best expresses you, so we have consolidated that process and created a buyer’s guide.

Normally, we would publish this after spring break. However, with SW being only ten days after we resume school, most of the deadlines for ordering tanks will be at the end of this weekend! Get them while they are hot (and still available/without rush charges).

*IMPORTANT NOTE* – Be sure to check out the process for buying the tank that you want. In the case of Teespring campaigns, there will be a printing threshold. If not enough people buy a tank, it won’t be printed and everyone gets his/her money back. A couple of these tanks work through other online platforms, are only sold through spreadsheets, or are still using google docs to figure out whether they should order the apparel or not. Start being a responsible consumer early this year and stay updated on the status of your purchases. We have tried to link to as many FB events and teespring pages as possible, but, just like Pokémon, it’s hard to catch them all.

The artist-relevant: For everyone who wants to represent their favorite Spring Weekend artists, or, for everyone who has really bad short term memory and keeps on forgetting the line up, you can now wear them on your upper body. You have a choice between wearing an artist’s face, or the slightly more obscure/hip option of referencing their lyrics.

You’ve got your Lauryn Hill face, and arrow:

Chance, juice carton and plain text:

Diplo’s face, and a very intimidating Diplo-themed bear face:

We are still waiting on a tank featuring Andrew Bird.

The feminists: It’s really exciting this year to have a whole category of Spring Weekend tanks dedicated to feminism. You can go with the subtle fem-powered, the cheeky “D“, or the extremely catchy, Spice Girls-themed consent tank. Ask me what I want what I really really want. . .

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Introducing BlogDailyHerald’s Spring Weekend 2014 tank

Now that the business of announcing the lineup is done, we can look forward to the fun that Spring Weekend’s warm weather (we hope) will bring! With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our 2014 Spring Weekend tank.

You’ll find the party on the front (with Bruno Cyrus) and business on the back (#hbdBrown). In the “250+,” we decided to feature LITERALLY every single band who has played a Brown spring weekend concert EVER. The big names are big (duh), and this year’s lineup makes up the bold border around the plus sign. Take a Chance and Diplo into your wallet to snag this tank, we promise it’s not just for the Bird[s]!

We’re launching a Teespring campaign to sell the tanks, which will cost $15 each, just like last year. The campaign will expire on March 23. We chose a higher quality heavyweight tank material so that this tank can last you forever. We’re timing the campaign so they should arrive with a few days to spare before Chance and Diplo take the stage. You can also check out this Facebook event for more information.

Happy birthday Bruno, 250 years and counting (that’s 707 in bear years)!

Love, BlogDH