Systems for Reporting Sexual Assault at Brown


This is an opinion piece.

Yesterday, UCS held Systems for Reporting Sexual Assault at Brown, an event raising student awareness of Brown’s policies on sexual assault. The event was split into two parts: first, a teach-in on the processes in place for reporting assault and, second, an open forum with the Task Force during which students could recommend changes and openly discuss their concerns.

The teach-in included Bita Shooshani (Coordinator of Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy at Health Services), Dean Yolanda Castillo (Office of Student Life), Michelle Nuey (DPS), and Gail Cohee (Director of the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center). Each described their individual place in the reporting process. 

Health Services can help victims upon referrals from Psychological Services or appointments at Health Services. From there, victims will meet with Bita Shooshani, who will inform victims on the decisions that need to be made, namely medical options. Similarly, Shooshani provides a place to file on-campus reports to DPS and speak to officers if a victim chooses to do so; furthermore, Shooshani provides a support system for victims. Victims may also choose to file criminal reports against their assaulters.

These counselors can also help the victims receive accommodations including medical as well as others, such as a no-contact report. Later in the adjudication process, these counselors or other trusted faculty and/or staff can work as an advisor on a hearing case.

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