Why Flash Tats are the perfect college accessory


All the cool kids are wearing them. Flash Tats are kind of the next big thing, the Herschel backpacks of the accessory world. If you’re not one of the cool kids yet, Flash Tats are shiny temporary tattoos that look like jewelry—think of them as the lovechild of henna and those sparkly bracelet/scrunchie things.

You can buy Flash Tats online in different themed packs. They are a bit pricy, but you could always DIY it and tat yourself with a shiny sharpie. It wouldn’t be great for your skin, but let’s face it, Flash Tats probably aren’t either.

Despite being told that my Flash Tats make me resemble a middle-aged Hamptons mom, I rock them with pride. Read on for all the reasons that Flash Tats are the perfect way to accessorize in college: Continue Reading