Ch-ch-ch-changes: IPTV


Today is a monumental day. Residential Life and Computing & Information Services just sent out a campus-wide email outlining a new upgrade to IPTV that is sure to improve the lives of TV addicts everywhere (or at least at Brown). IPTV, for those of you have not yet taken advantage of this perk, allows students to watch television programming on their personal computers while plugged in with an ethernet cable in University residence halls. But not anymore. 

The changes include:

  1. Down with the ethernet cable–Good news, owners of MacBook Air’s! There’s no need to bother with that ridiculous wire anymore. You can watch TV now with Brown Wi-Fi.
  2. More ways to watch–If you like watching TV from your cell phone (a questionable choice, honestly) or if you want to connect the cable to your television, you now can with the updated service.
  3. DVR a.k.a. scheduled procrastination–There’s no need to miss Dancing With The Stars now that you can record your favorite programs right from your laptop. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, especially now that there are so many new channels…
  4. 20 additional channelshaving not used IPTV before (damn you, ethernet), I have no idea what these new channels are. But, keeping with the spirit of more TV, here’s some great shows you can watch with your new and improved IPTV…

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