Six things you might not know about “Freeway” Rick Ross

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This past Wednesday, the Political Theory Project, in collaboration with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), brought “Freeway” Rick Ross to speak on campus (don’t you dare confuse him with the rapper). In a lecture entitled “Drug Kingpin Turned Reformer,” Ross spoke of his belief that he, and other former drug dealers, must play vital roles in ending the War on Drugs and enacting sensible policies that would target the massive rates of hyper-incarceration and drug recidivism in our country. Ross eloquently echoed messages of education over incarceration, highlighting the importance of giving every individual a chance to grow and develop his or her innermost talents. While these are all messages that seem to fit under the title of this lecture, those in attendance also had the pleasure of learning some interesting facts about the former leader of a massive drug empire:

 1. Rick Ross is helping Nick Cassavetes create a movie based on his life. If you don’t know Nick Cassavetes as the director of The Notebook or Alpha Dog, you probably know him as Dietrich Hassler in Face/Off, Tattoo Joe in The Hangover Part II, or the most notable Adonis Papadapadopounopoulopoulos in Farticus. Apparently Nick Cannon will be playing Ross in the film and, according to this YouTube video, Ross had wanted Cannon to play him “since ’96.” Needless to say, we’re not quite sure what to expect here.


2. He has a t-shirt line. At his lecture, Ross wore a shirt which said, “The Real Rick Ross is not a Rapper.” He told us that he first started selling his t-shirts out of the trunk of his car and by going from door-to-door trying to sell his product. Check out his shirts here.

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Alums who do cool things: Cerretani ’04 and Shamasdin ’05 to host local charity event

Current ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) competitors and former Brown tennis teammates Jamie Cerretani ’04 (right) and Adil Shamasdin ’05 (left) put together the World Class Tennis charity event for this Sunday, Dec. 11, at 5 pm at Agawam Hunt in East Providence. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Brown men’s tennis program and the charity, Tenacity.

Here’s our email Q&A with Cerretani (who has won three ATP doubles titles and was a 2011 Wimbledon quarter-finalist) about the event:  Continue Reading