RISD Artist Ball Roundup

Last weekend marked the end of of what can only be described as a tumultuous Halloweek. For RISD kids, the week-long, homemade, half-assed costume binge that not even a hurricane could stop ended with one final display of costuming: Artist Ball. RISD’s only school run dance, Artist Ball is a spectacle of innovative and witty costumes and drunk students dancing like Luna Lovegood to loud dubstep. This year’s dance featured Chihuly Glass like balloon sculptures and live dance performances by Providence’s own Big Nazo puppets. Like every Artist Ball, people got separated from their friends in the huge crowd, everyone lost their coats, something funky got stuck in the chocolate fountain, and we found out that the quiet kid from your drawing section freshman year actually made a pretty convincing Lil Kim and could move his hips like Beyonce. Here’s a roundup of some of the best costumes from Artist Ball. Brace yourselves: these costumes will completely blow you away.

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