BlogDH goes to Asian Cafe


Like many Brown students, we were bummed to say goodbye to Spats– a go-to bar and hangout spot on Angell street. Needless to say, when Asian Cafe announced its opening, we knew we had to try it. We sent five of our most adventurous writers to give Asian Cafe a try in the name of journalism.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve compiled a number of our thoughts to give you an insight into the holistic Asian Cafe experience.

Initial impressions:

  • “I was skeptical about the cost efficiency of all you can eat for $20. Would I really eat more than twenty bucks worth of sushi, tempura, etc. in one sit down, with no take-home allowed? Potentially, if I were trashed, and hadn’t gorged myself with Annie’s Mac and Cheese a few hours earlier. Nonetheless, I threw my fucks to the wind, and ordered a couple of pieces of raw sushi, seaweed salad, sweet potato tempura, and ice cream (duh). I considered consolidating all of the tables orders onto one of those Mad-Libs esque menu sheets (what is an adverb that also tastes like spicy yellowtail?), but I figured, ‘nah, the restaurant’s got this.’”
  • “Spats was an important place for me on campus — not because I ever went there, besides the time that I was kicked out for ‘disorderly conduct,’ but because my Dad had decided upon my move-in to Brown that Spats was where it was at. Every time we talked on the phone he’d ask ‘so how’s my fave place Spats with the 20 oz. beers?’ Needless to say, I felt an obligation to welcome the new restaurant on the block.”
  • “There were around twenty to thirty people already in the establishment, which was encouraging. No one seemed too upset…yet.”
  • “I miss Spats.”

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Mama Kim’s has returned!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.27.12 PMTo whoever sacrificed their first/third born child, we are forever indebted to you. MAMA KIM’S IS BACK BABY! And they’re back for good, according to the truck employees.

All of the Korean BBQ your stomach desires, right in front of Faunce until 8 p.m. (note: not on Thayer). And for the rest of the year. And hopefully forever and ever.

What you need to know about the Thayer Street revamp


Yesterday, President Paxson and Mayor Angel Taveras held a press conference to announce that our beloved Thayer Street — where you can do everything from 2 a.m. drunching to maintaining your utmost hipsterness at the Avon — will undergo an extreme makeover, Ty Pennington style. As Paxson said in her speech, Thayer Street is a central “rib” of the university, so some TLC is well-deserved. Here’s what you need to know about these ch-ch-ch-changes:

When’s it all happening?
This summer! Construction is supposed to last about 6 months.

Who’s paying for it? (Because we know you’re all wondering.)
The District Management Authority is funding the project as a thank you for the increased efforts the University has made over the last year in engaging local public high school students with academic scholarships and summer programs.

What’s it gonna look like?
Here’s what you’ll see, according to a press release put out by the University:

  • Repaved streets! Hallelujah!
  • New street signs and parking meters on Thayer. Fancy.
  • Wider sidewalks outside of Blue State and City Sports, great for outdoor lounging during a four-month Polar Vortex.
  • Outdoor furniture (to facilitate said outdoor lounging) outside of the Brown Bookstore and the Granoff Center.
  • New trees planted on the street.
  • A “miniature” park by the Brown Bookstore. I am curious to see how miniature a miniature park for college students is.
  • New trash receptacles, a cleanup of Fones Alley, and a new trash ~*~*~compactor~*~*~.

For more info on the press conference and the renovations to Thayer, read the University’s press release or see the Herald’s article.

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Deconstructing 257 Thayer’s Twitter account


You know that construction project on Thayer with the fences and the bulldozers and the loud construction noises? You’re capable of reading the signs that cover its chain-link fences, so you’re sort of aware that this current hole in the ground will become “sophisticated and sustainable” off-campus student apartments at 257 Thayer Street. Yet with the recent public artwork (read: mustaches) that’s graced its promotional materials and the general lack of communication the project has with students more generally, your curiosity abounds. What’s the force behind this new building? What will these apartments look like? Who will live there? What’s its guiding ideology? To answer some of your most burning questions, and to prove that it’s ready to become a member of the College Hill community, the apartment complex has developed a Twitter account—@257Thayer—to engage with curious students in the digital space. We deconstruct its Twitter activity below:

It’s ever true to Brown. While the construction project itself seems to take place with little indication of its location being smack in the middle of College Hill, 257 Thayer really wants you know that it’s up to date with all relevant happenings—from retweeting Brown Bookstore’s tweets on author visits and readings and ProJo articles that feature notable Brown professors to asking its whopping 14 followers if they plan on going to Brown Unheard Open Mic Night in “The Underground,” it’s definitely trying to prove that its not a regular apartment complex; it’s a cool (and informed!) apartment complex.

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Where to watch the Super Bowl


If you consider a three hour drive away “in your backyard”, this year’s Super Bowl is in your backyard.

Early February is always a very exciting time for Americans. Sorry Obama, it’s not because of the State of the Union — it’s  Super Bowl Sunday. This year, the NFL’s number one ranked defense, the Seattle Seahawks, will be going against the league’s top offense, the Denver Broncos ( led by advertisement superstar and not half bad quarterback Peyton Manning).

Every year more money is spent on advertising for the commercial breaks, and this year’s half time show features The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars. The event appeals to a wide range of people, including those that don’t care about who wins and are just rooting for Budweiser. All of this is to say for the football newbies: not only is the Super Bowl a huge fucking deal, but it is also engineered for TV viewers.

But wait, you’re a college student, so you don’t have cable! Actually, chances are you don’t even have a television set. Not to fear, for we will present you with a selection of options to make viewing the Super Bowl doable and fun this year. Cue this song:

On a laptop, via ethernet: Aimed at the two extremes, this method is either for the ultimate purist or the “not-even-a-football-fan” type. The purists don’t care that the screen is tiny; they just want to watch the game. In fact, the fewer people around to break their concentration, the better.  (Note: it’s also easier to rock your lucky underpants alone in your room.) On the other side are those who are just vaguely curious enough to plug in to the live stream during homework breaks. After all, you can’t resist seeing what all of the Facebook fuss is about.

In a dorm room, on a small-to-moderate sized TV: Watching the game with friends will make cheering for your preferred team more enjoyable, and it will probably give you access to more “free” food (if you are the bringer of snacks, be prepared to share). On the downside, dorms rarely acquire the right number of people for watching such a monumental event. You either have enough people that it’s too crowded, or it’s eerily empty and everyone is trying to go to the next biggest thing.  In addition, there’s approximately a 65% chance that someone in the room will order in from Wings and Things.

Alternatively: You can try to find the remote for one of the fancier lounges in dorms like Keeney. Allot yourself a good two hours beforehand because technology is confusing.

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SPONSORED: Christina’s Psychic Readings


Look out, College Hill! A new psychic is making her way to Thayer Street. Christina’s Psychic Readings is your new go-to place to learn about anything related to your past, present, future, career, school, and love life! All consultations are completely confidential and as a student, you get a 20% discount (cash and credit cards are both accepted).

So what’s on the horizon at Christina’s Psychic Readings? There will be new and exciting specials to look forward to every week. Prepare yourself for a spooky Halloween special during the last week of October! And if you’re looking for a fun “Girls Night Out”? Visit Christina’s Psychic Readings and two girls can come in for the full price of one consultation! Christina is also open for house calls and parties so if you’re looking for a memorable night with some friends, you’ve come to the right place. Gift certificates are also available to purchase for your friends.

Our crystal ball tells us that this is going to be a great new addition to Thayer! Find Christina at 224 Thayer Street. Walk-ins are welcome.