Development Paroled: What Mitch Hurwitz’s Announcement Really Means


After four and a half years of meaningless back-and-forth from cast members (we’re looking at you, Michael Cera, you mopey little bitch), series creator Mitch Hurwitz today announced his intentions to go ahead with not only a feature-length Arrested Development film, but also a Season FourContinue Reading

Autumn alert: Apples and honey on the Main Green!

Shopping period is over and the Ratty menu already seems repetitive, which means that the newness of the school year is finally wearing off – but Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts this Wednesday night.  Brown RISD Hillel has events planned for the duration of the holiday, the first (and sweetest) of which begins this morning.

Stop by the Hillel table on the Main Green today, tomorrow, or Wednesday between 11am and 2pm to hear the shofar and enjoy apples and honey, traditionally eaten to symbolize hope for a sweet new year.  You can also send HoneyGrams, cards with sticks of honey attached, to anyone on campus (but let’s face it, there’s always going to be someone who turns receiving them into a popularity contest).

You don’t have to be Jewish to grab some apple slices or send a HoneyGram, and they’re free, and fruit is healthy – so you really have no excuse!

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Cupcake Extravaganza at the Ratty

The Ratty really likes its cupcakes. Today, it’s really outdone itself with a little number known as the “Cupcake Extravaganza.” Knowing that most of you won’t arrive for lunch until 12, here’s a little preview of what you’re in for.

Welcome to Le Hotel Ratty. Would you like champagne with your cupcake?

Photo c/o Emily Gilbert / Herald.

Providence Coffee Roasters arrive on Thayer

Tired of Starbucks? Check out this new fixture on Thayer. It’s parked right in front of Watson, making its debut as the newest eatery on wheels. It’s only open until 4:00 pm, but don’t worry! It’ll be back tomorrow morning around 7:00 am. Hurry up and get your chai latte! Seven Stars pastries will be featured on the menu starting next week.

Gnocchi bar at the Ratty!

Stop! Don’t move. We know that we told you to go to the V-Dub for dinner tonight, but we were wrong. OH HOW WE WERE WRONG! There’s gnocchi at the Ratty. But not just your regular run-of-the-mill gnocchi. This gnocchi comes freshly cooked from a special gnocchi bar. We’re a little bit upset that the Ratty didn’t advertise this on their menu website.

Run, don’t walk, your way over to the Ratty. It’s not that crowded…yet.

Google’s doodle team outdoes itself

A bonus time-waster for today! In honor of the late Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, the Google Doodle team has put together a ridiculously awesome animation. Just go to the Google search page, and click the play button in the center.