Gym-tertainment: The worst TV shows to watch at the gym

Never ever watch The Doctors. Ever.

You made a New Year’s Resolution, and it’s probably that you want to get fit in 2014. Naturally, you’ve been finding yourself getting your workout on at the Nelly. This, then, must sound familiar: You’ve been working out for a solid period of time, and you’ve been watching a program that’s propelled you through your workout thus far. It may a football game, a newscast, an episode of Family Guy… whatever allows you to do you. But then it becomes 30 minutes past the hour—your program ends, only to be replaced by one that completely goes against your workout rhythm.

You may not really get what I mean when I say “rhythm”—while this rhythm may seem trivial in theory, it certainly matters in practice. Let me explain it to you by using a different, but equally important medium: music. You’re on the treadmill running to _[insert your favorite pump-up song here]_. You’re cruising at 6.5 mph—gliding, really—and you feel unstoppable. You turn the volume up a bit, just to pump yourself up a little bit more. You look at your iPhone to check what the next song in the cue is, but you accidentally press the “Shuffle Songs” button instead. In that moment, “My Immortal” by Evanescence comes on and blasts through your headphones with OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP THE HORROR THE HORROR.

Makes you want to vomit everywhere, right? I stand firmly in my belief that “My Immortal” is the worst song ever produced by mankind, while “The Reason” by Hoobastank comes in at a close second.* But that’s not the point of this post—it’s to prove that a television program completely inappropriate for the gym is equally horrifying. Continue Reading