R.I.P., The Edge

In our recent BlogDailyPoll, only 6.5 percent of you chose The Edge for “best coffee on the East Side.”

Unfortunately, the 93.5 percent of you who didn’t understand the magic of The Edge will now never understand because IT IS CLOSED FOREVER.

Oh, cruel world! Our only consolation? The owners left behind a parting gift.  Their pumpkin muffin recipe, posted on the closed café’s shuttered doors…

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Amuse-Bouche: The Edge

It is a truth universally acknowledged that college kids f***ing love cafés. On College Hill, the go-tos are Blue State, with its politically infused snark and really quite fabulous coffee, and… Starbucks (wooo?!). Then there’s Coffee Exchange down on Wickenden, with its postered walls, warm lighting, and hipster baristas (who, by the way, are not shy with the whipped cream: major plus). But The Edge, Wayland Square’s resident coffee shop, slips under the radar for many of us.

This is a really, really superb spot to load up on caffeine. They serve Intelligentsia Coffee, a Chicago-based brand that’s known for its direct-trade initiative and consistent ranking on national best-of lists. Black Cat, Intelligentsia’s claim to fame, is an espresso blend that’s about the closest coffee comes to ambrosia. It’s well-balanced, with the best qualities of tangy, lighter espressos and the more bitter, chocolaty varieties. If coffee drinks aren’t your thang, please understand that you must have the chai. It’s not as spicy as some other versions, but it’s got an addictive, honeyed sweetness and a powerful kick of cinnamon. It will come back in its next life in the form of a buttercream frosting, and oh, how happy the world will be then.  Continue Reading