Still better than an orgo final

The best (and worst) ways to survive the apocalypse at Brown

Still better than an orgo final

It’s not the end of the world. Let’s just clarify this here: it’s wrong to wave around an appropriated, mistranslated, and mishmash interpretation of a very real culture (see here and here for more details), just to live out your Mad Max fantasies. And it’s downright pseudo-pseudo-pseudo-science to claim rogue planets, meteors, conspiracies, or lizard-changing neutrino zombie people. Or something. (See here for a class in science and common sense).

That being said, if we were imagine hypothetically that today were the end of the world—completely unrelated to any misunderstandings/cultural exploitation of the Mayan calendar—what would happen? Continue Reading

Record January Snowfall?

TF Green has seen over 20 in. this month alone / ProJo

Hope you remembered your Bean Boots! According to the ProJo, the National Weather Service predicts that this month is on track to becoming the third snowiest January on record, surpassing January 1948’s snowfall of 31.9 inches. While the accumulation as of Tuesday is more than ten inches less than the current placeholder, the snowy forecast for the next few days could bridge the gap (assuming the meteorologists aren’t a bunch of flakes). Regardless, the 21.6 inches thus far is almost three times greater than the state’s average snowfall for the month. Let’s just be grateful we aren’t up in Ithaca, where snowfall averages over 24 in. each January.