A Fishku, we ask / For with it we’ll celebrate / A love that was lost

In honor of a (Hallo-)week in which she would have shined, we’d like to take the opportunity to remember our dear old friend, FishCo.  Fishypoo, Brown students — current and former — took to your dance floor with the voracity of DDR champions and the coordination of Bambi on Ice.  You supplied us with alcohol, and we supplied you with the vestiges of Halloween costumes and props.

BlogDailyHerald would like to remember FishCo by asking our readers to reminisce about her in the ways we celebrated her.  This week, we are bringing back the Fishku.  If you have any memories of Halloween FishCo —anecdotes, haikus or graphic designs — we would love to hear them.  Please send all submissions to fishco@browndailyherald.com (or blog@browndailyherald.com)