It’s the little things

Oh Brown, you beautiful kaleidoscope of weirdness, you. From the people to the classes to the streets (but seriously go home city planners, you’re drunk) we are a clusterfu*k of peculiarities, and a damn beautiful one for that matter. Sometimes, however, we dismiss the little things that make Brown memorable. You know, the rather unassuming instances that really spice up college life. Please note that the following might not be the most pleasant of things that can happen to you here, but you’d be lying if you said they don’t make for good stories to later tell your grandchildren. Alright, alright, or your cats.

The Thayer Predicament


Proceed with caution.

So you’re walking down Thayer, ready for a day of [window] shopping and overpriced burritos, when you catch your reflection on a restaurant window. Your hair is a bit messy. Better fix that pronto. You keep walking and hey you catch your reflection again! Hair is totes fab, but your shirt is tucked in all wrong. Yup, gotta fix that, too. You begin to feel your self-consciousness heighten, and these mirror-like windows have unleashed the narcissistic monster from within. What’s going on? You now can’t seem to stop looking at your reflection in every passing store window! It’s utter madness. Wait, did that Jersey Shore guy inside of Antonio’s think you were checking him out and smirk at you? Ok, maybe it’s time to stop. Continue Reading