The 10 best rainy-day episodes of The O.C. to watch during Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)

As you gather your provisions for the looming Hurricane Sandy, you may find yourself searching for that perfect under-the-covers activity to pass the time. Look no further. We’ve decided to completely re-envision your most irritating Halloweek inconvenience this side of group costumes and blizzards — with a no-holds-barred marathon of the teen soap that convinced you to apply to Brown in the first place.

Welcome to The O.C., bitch.

These are BlogDailyHerald’s top ten episodes of The O.C. accompanied by the musical moments that made them so damned unforgettable, after the jump.

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Remember when?

Brush up on your Brown pop culture references and revisit Gossip Girl producer Josh Schwartz’s first guilty pleasure, the O.C., on Hulu.


Don’t lie. You loved the O.C. back in the day. You have the Matt Pond PA version of “Champagne Supernova” on your iPod, you hold a special place in your heart for Adam Brody, and you know that it’s a good thing Mischa Barton isn’t on TV anymore.

Unfortunately the Providence episodes are not up. But there is plenty of Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer URST* going on in Season 1 to satisfy even the most dedicated fan. And let’s face it, the O.C. jumps the shark pretty early in its television career.

*Well, more like RST