Time-waster of the day: March 5, 2013

At BlogDailyHerald, we have a tendency to post pictures of adorable animals. The Interwebz loves a good fuzzy chick, a fluffy bunny, or a mewling cat. So today, we decided to post more photos of awww-inspiring animals:


The cutest.

Check out The Onion’s 10 Most OMG Adorable Animals.

Warning: not for the vegetarians.

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Time-waster of the day: December 3, 2012

Your inability to confidently answer that the above headline was featured in The Onion is a testament just how bizarre the year 2012 has been thus far. Take BuzzFeed’s “Are These Headlines Real or from The Onion” quiz to see if you’re able to discern the strangest of truths from fiction.

Didn’t “Friday” come out more than four minutes ago?

A recent article published by the satirical newspaper The Onion cited a study done by our very own MCM department:

According to a study released this week by Brown University’s Department of Modern Culture and Media, it now takes only four minutes for a new cultural touchstone to transform from an amusing novelty into an intensely annoying thing people never want to see or hear again.

Clearly this is fake as the study mentions nothing about semiotics, Walter Benjamin or the gender politics behind Dude Where’s My Car.

Additionally, say what you will about “Friday,” but Rebecca Black is making BANK.