Study Etiquette: Shared spaces at Brown (that aren’t libraries)

This semester, I am taking my third visual art studio class at Brown. That means I’ve already gotten through two semesters of sharing List’s white-washed, fluorescent-lit workrooms without running into the kind of situation that I did a couple weekends ago.

It was the kind of situation where you can imagine yourself lashing out at those around you, but don’t actually, because you know it will be more fun to complain to your friends about it later, FlogDailyHerald-style.

So here it goes: I listened to a total of ten hours of K-pop (Korean pop music), all of which could be heard over the sound of my own in-ear soundtrack of sensitive girl music (admittedly there was some James Taylor in there) and the new Bombay Bicycle Club album (well, I had to make myself look cool after the aforementioned confession, didn’t I?). I tried to tune out my peers’ ambiance music, but alas, I did not succeed. I am now confident that I can sing more than half of these catchy Korean melodies from memory.

With midterms now upon us, the libraries have become packed with crazed, zombie-like students, influencing many of us to opt to study in an alternative location. Fortunately, Brown has lots of shared study spaces for you to take advantage of. Sure, they’re not libraries, but they still require you to use your manners and be polite. But how do you properly share those spaces with others? Check out our tips after the jump.

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Make your own St. Patty’s cupcakes at the Ratty!

Chocolate/Vanilla frosting and shamrock sprinkles. Not pictured: plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Happy St. Ratty’s day! Say what you want about its everyday fare, but everyone’s favorite refectory never fails to pull out all the stops on special occasions. Go on over and decorate your own edible arrangements while supplies still last – you’ll need something in your stomach if you plan on making it through the day.

Decorate cupcakes and cookies in the Ratty!

Last year on St. Patrick's Day, the Ratty had decorate-your-own cupcakes.

It looks like the Ratty is having a Valentine’s Day special, as the desert listed for today’s lunch is “Decorate Cupcakes and Cookies.” Yum!

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The best thing to ever happen to the Ratty: Good Coffee

Guys, this is so great. We are peeing in our pants. Literally. Because we just drank so much coffee in the Ratty.  That’s right. Coffee. Not “coffee.”

The Ratty now has a new coffee station (not even completed! It’s going to get more awesome!) that serves Sun Coffee, the same brand sold in the Blue Room and other Brown Dining retail locations. This is a game-changer.