Secret Study Space: Vol. VIII

So midterms are back again. Some might argue that they never left in the first place, but the unhappy conclusion is that you have to study. And studying is an activity is best done in a quiet, secluded place. Presenting volume VIII (I’ll soon have to ditch the Roman numerals; they’re becoming unwieldy) of BlogDH’s secret study space series.

This secret study space is located a bit far from the heart of the campus, but a brisk walk will get you there in 10 minutes. The walk is well worth it, because this study space is almost completely deserted. Just look at all those empty chairs! Also there is an abundance of outlets scattered around the room. Finally, there is an emergency exit (with an unbroken exit sign!!) in case your brain overheats while studying. What more do you want?

As for its location? Well that’s a secret, but since I’m being so magnanimous I thought I’d drop a hint: the silence here is music to my ears.

Secret Study Space: Vol. V

photo 5

Curious about the photo? Click here.

With midterms breathing down their necks, most students have reluctantly decided to (shudder) study. While there are a few things that make this sleep-inducing activity enjoyable, going to the Rock or SciLi is certainly not one of them. Rows of tired faces, lack of outlets and an undercurrent of tension and stress make for a horrible horrible study space. So what’s the alternative? Allow me to (re)introduce—secret study spaces. These spots are wonderfully isolated, quiet and are the elixir for boosting your academic productivity. (Find the picture of our newest secret study space after the jump.) Continue Reading

Secret Study Space: Vol. IV

Looking for a nice place to study that’s a bit off the beaten path? Here’s your spot. Furnished with a water cooler, a whiteboard, a microwave, reading material for study breaks, and more, this room has everything you need. Located in a quiet spot on campus, this building offers a nice change of scenery from the SciLi, Rock, and other major study spots. See if you can find it!

Spot étude secrète

One fish, two fish: bigger fish gobbles the smaller. If you’re trawling for a secret spot with choice java, you’ve just been hooked up. This week’s locale has coffee and comfort from the Devil you know—and a new drip you can sip. New on the bean scene, the Clover® brewing machine digitally controls the time and temperature, keeping the drink within a degree of the ideal percolatin’ heat. The result is an aromatic, sans-bitter smooth roast.

Here’s the catch: these Clover® coffee contraptions don’t come cheap – but for this Wayland Beast, a cool $11 grand was chump change. It’s currently the only place in ol’ Rhody to pick up this crafted cup o’ Jo. We like it.

For buttery leather chairs, a homey fireplace, and a terrific venue to meet women over 30 donning jogging digs, get down from Brown to this study-rific franchise. The outdoor seats-a-plenty lends a Euro-café feel to this venue, while its proximity to Red Stripe and Books on the Square makes a hasty retreat from the books a real treat.

Correction: In a previous version of this post, the last sentence read, “The outdoor seats-a-plenty lends a Euro-café feel to this venue, while its proximity to Red Stripe and Symposium Books makes a hasty retreat from the books a real treat.” This secret study space is actually close to Books on the Square, not Symposium. Happy hunting!

The Secret Study Scene: Part Deux

Author’s Note: First, allow me to apologize for the tardiness of this blog post. It’s really unacceptable, the height of rudeness. Thank Deputy Managing Editor J-Bomb for nagging me into punching through the bacchantic Brunonian wine-mist that’s stained this blogger’s brain. She takes things serious when I take ‘em Sirius. The fall equinox was the 23rd; summer’s officially gotten dressed and left without a word. Adieu Dog Days, adieu. Luckily, hair of the dog is a cure not bound by season.

My dear, this week’s secret spot is one with a view. It’s a spacious room that boasts two large windows: one, with an aesthetic downtown skyline view, and the other, a lush peek into groomed treetops. There’s a plasma television you can hook up to your laptop for studying that Intro to Sleep PowerPoint (or watching Bored to Death), a sizeable table, and an overall sense of personal fiefdom. An opulent oasis in dense drudgery.

There is, as with most pretty things, a catch. The caveat is that this room is not tucked away down some rambling cobblestone street on the Hill. It’s very much accessible. So to make this space your own, you’ll need just a little lie. A tiny pinch of truth-kneading. We won’t tell. Continue Reading

The Secret Study Scene: Vol. I

Why hello there, stunner. So here’s the deal: every week, I’ll serve up a new study spot to keep on the down-low. Each off-the-beaten path learnin’ locale will be unnamed to protect its identity from the great-unwashed masses (mostly RISD kids). But with a little sleuthing, you’ll likely unlock BlogDH’s covert cramming recommendations. Enjoy!

This week’s milieu is ideal for Brown’s budding astute aesthetes. If you’re in the market for delicate first editions of obscure books, perusing pop Parisian magazines, or sullenly sitting in antique overstuffed chairs, then set down that Masala chai on your rickety oak side-table and make moves here. This readery boasts built-in leather bench seats for posting up, handsome oil paintings, and all the lamplit pretention one needs to focus on whatever paper he or she is writing—so long as the words “hegemony” or “gendered lens” are used with abandon. If you’ve got panache and are looking to elicit a New Yorker-reader pompgasm, this should be your new habitat.