The Weekly Dive: Aruba Steve’s

Aruba Steve's

Brent Grossman-McKee ’13 and Leslie Clark ’14 both contributed to this post. I love hitting up random dive bars on my own, of course, but friends make the trip exponentially more fun. 

In short:

Hours: 11 a.m.–2 a.m.
Attire: Swimsuit
Accepts credit cards: I guess
Ambience: Ocean-themed
Price range: $
Good for groups: If they can fit inside
Good for kids: Perfect replacement for the beach!
Takes reservations: No need
Outdoor seating: No way
Good for: Meeting drifters
Alcohol: Full bar, Fish-based drinks
Noise level: Loud-ish. Depends how drunk the singer is.

The long version: 

After a typical week of light working and heavy drinking, Leslie, Brent, and I decided to relax by going out. After some light drinking, we moseyed our way downtown with every intention of going to a typical bar, but on our way we got a little lost, on account of the drinking. Purely by chance, we found ourselves outside of Aruba Steve’s.
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The Weekly Dive: Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub


We know there are only a few weeks left in the school year, but you need to find somewhere to drink on the cheap post-Binder. Let BlogDH guide you (totally seriously) through all the best dive bars to stumble into/out of on a warm spring night.

In short:

Hours: Random
Attire: Wear clothes… maybe
Accepts credit cards: Probably… I wouldn’t
Ambience: Trendy, maritime
Price range: $
Good for groups: Yes
Good for kids: Depends on the kids (and the parents)
Takes Reservations: No phone (actually)
Outdoor seating: Actually, yes
Good for: Dinner with Family, Date Night, Weddings, Corporate Events, Funerals…
Alcohol: Full Bar
Noise level: Deafening Silence

The longer version:

Tired of the numerous Brown parties and fun bars that Providence has to offer? Seeking the company of a lady with some more experience under her belt? If this sounds familiar, or if your budget is approaching that of a drifter, then Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub is the place for you.

Before heading down with a few friends to a new bar, it makes sense to research the place. The Facebook page for Seaweed’s boasts “Lonely…? Come let Captain Seaweed be your date!” It offers $6 pitchers along with a variety of lobster-themed deals. One satisfied customer raved, “Is there a new phone number? The one on the internet didn’t work…” If you’re anything like me, then this place sounded too good to be true.

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