A Thousand Words: Bears’ 3-2 overtime loss to St. Mary’s College

The Bears’ NCAA Tournament run unfortunately came to an end after a 3-2 overtime loss to St. Mary’s College last night.

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United BBQ to close this weekend

The best pulled pork on the East Side.

For those of you who’ve dared to venture a few blocks off Thayer, you’ll have no doubt had the pleasure of tasting the delicious food of United BBQ. For those of you who haven’t, you may have missed your chance to have some of the best BBQ around as the eleven employees of United BBQ were informed on Thursday night that the restaurant would close down after the weekend.

Located on Ives Street, United BBQ opened three years ago to a string of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Its achievements include winning the 2011 “RI’s Best Barbecue” award from the Providence Phoenix. Although known for its barbecue, the restaurant was also popular with Brown’s eco-friendly students due to its wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, such as its “Tofurkey” Kielbasa Sandwich.  Continue Reading

A Fishku, we ask / For with it we’ll celebrate / A love that was lost

In honor of a (Hallo-)week in which she would have shined, we’d like to take the opportunity to remember our dear old friend, FishCo.  Fishypoo, Brown students — current and former — took to your dance floor with the voracity of DDR champions and the coordination of Bambi on Ice.  You supplied us with alcohol, and we supplied you with the vestiges of Halloween costumes and props.

BlogDailyHerald would like to remember FishCo by asking our readers to reminisce about her in the ways we celebrated her.  This week, we are bringing back the Fishku.  If you have any memories of Halloween FishCo —anecdotes, haikus or graphic designs — we would love to hear them.  Please send all submissions to fishco@browndailyherald.com (or blog@browndailyherald.com)

R.I.P., The Edge

In our recent BlogDailyPoll, only 6.5 percent of you chose The Edge for “best coffee on the East Side.”

Unfortunately, the 93.5 percent of you who didn’t understand the magic of The Edge will now never understand because IT IS CLOSED FOREVER.

Oh, cruel world! Our only consolation? The owners left behind a parting gift.  Their pumpkin muffin recipe, posted on the closed café’s shuttered doors…

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Stuff Brown students dislike

The Post- series Stuff Brown Students Like took a familiar concept and filtered it through the strange cultural sieve of our humble university. As a Brown student, it’s not difficult to identify the things that we all love  — and with her impending resignation, the Ruth Simmons item might even ring more true than ever. But, dear friends, that series was written back when Brown was still trying to live up to its “Happiest School in the Country” designation. We’re tired of being optimistic. Now that we’re only the third happiest school in the country, we can let a little steam off and finally admit to the things that really tick us off- they may be minor, but we’re entitled to our fair share of pet peeves:

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BREAKING NEWS: Simmons gives 10 months notice

In an email to the Brown community this morning, President Ruth Simmons announced her plans to step down from the Brown Presidency at the end of the current academic year.  Simmons, Brown’s 18th and the first female African-American president in the Ivy League, plans to officially cease her position in June 2012.

The impetus for Simmons’ resignation is unclear. In a mass email to the Brown community, she wrote that she “recently decided that this is the ideal time both for Brown and for me personally to begin the process of transitioning to new leadership.” Simmons went on to write that she plans to return to teaching at Brown as a professor in the departments of Comparative Literature and Africana Studies “after a leave, during which [she] will take up projects that have been on hold far too long.” Read more, including Simmons’ full email to the Brown community, after the jump.  Continue Reading