Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: “Forbid”


Forbid (v.): To command someone or oneself against the doing of something—like acting on a stupid impulse, crying into one’s beer, or drunkenly contacting an ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

How it’s used in the show: Charlie, Marnie’s incredibly good-looking ex-boyfriend, became instantly successful off a smartphone app he created and sold called “Forbid.” In his own words: “[Forbid] prevents you from calling people that you shouldn’t call – be it an unrequited love, or someone that fired you. But if you wanna call them, then you have to pay $10 to unforbid… so this app is free but breaking your word to yourself isn’t… People are really responding to software that protects them from themselves… or other people.”

Do you have an ex? A not-so-secret crush or obsession? A penchant for drunk texting and/or dialing your employer? Then, like us, you probably wish “Forbid” existed in the real world. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a big night out with your ex’s name in “recent calls.” Worse (or better?), “drunk you” protects “sober you” from embarrassment and regret by deleting all texts and calls before sobriety hits. You have no solid evidence to beat yourself up about the next day, but you’ll also spend a good chunk of time wondering what the hell you said. We’ve all tried the “delete his/her number” technique, but let’s be real, that lasts for three days tops. Willpower alone just ain’t gonna cut it once the alcohol hits your bloodstream.

While we sadly don’t have access to “Forbid,” we’ve done some research to find some cool apps that actually exist in its place: Continue Reading

There’s an app for that: Shots iGot


Helping you pregame like a pro.

For all you “sneaky booze drinkers” who are of age—as HuffPo would call you—Shots iGot is the new must-have app. As all college students firmly believe that VitaminWater/Gatorade/Coke bottles are the new martini glasses, your classiest nights have probably involved an unknown amount of liquor poured into one of these elegant containers. Then, after adding the perfect amount of meal-swiped Nantucket Nectars and Poland Springs like the pro-mixologist you are, you have concocted an excellent surprise-themed drink, allowing you and your friends to play the party classic Pass-the-Bottle-and-Don’t-Gag.

Enter Shots iGot: For a mere $1.99, you can choose from 44 container types, swipe your finger to indicate how much liquor you poured in, and discover just how many shots are actually in that water bottle. You can also start with a bottle that is half full of mixer and add liquor—just a touch-screen away from smart drinking. I know, Keeney bathrooms are about get so much less disgusting. Know your limits people; you want to try and avoid using our vom-embarassment spectrum.

This, by the way, is an app for college students made by college students. The three Rutgers and Princeton students have gone on to found their own startup aptly named Something With Flow. While a jealous part of me is mildly irritated that every third college student you hear about these days has his/her own startup (Brown students included), I can appreciate the effort make drinking safer, one iPhone at a time.

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Time-waster of the day: April 10, 2012

With Spring Weekend not but ten days away, chances are you’re kicking work mode into high gear for the next week and a half, and locking yourself in the PBR AQR. Because nothing says lame-o like ditching a dance party with your good friend Molly to write that ten-page paper on structural inequality in post-Soviet Russia. #wherethePutinat?

If that is in fact the case and productivity really is your goal, allow me to apologize in advance for the epic distraction I’m about to bestow upon you and this small, snarky corner of the interwebz. Created by the French media studio So Far So Good, Incredibox is a DIY beatboxing application that allows you to create and record personalized jamz by mixing and matching samples from an interactive library. Hooray! Now you no longer need worry about embarrassing yourself and/or accidentally spitting on people in the name of dropping a beat.

Hello procrastination, goodbye productivity.

Here’s the link to the site: INCREDIBOX

Students who do cool things: Billr, the bill-splittin’ iPhone app

We’ve all been there before: you’re just about done with your plate of sushi at Sakura, you’re four drinks deep, and the angry waitstaff is hovering like one of those crazy mothers from Toddlers & Tiaras. Just as you’re about to crack open an ice-cold brewskie to partake in the ancient Japanese art of sake bombing, the waitress is back, yelling in an incoherent dialect with the bill in hand.


Now, if you’re a pro, you know to casually avoid even looking at the thing, for fear of being stuck having to figure out how to split the check 14 different ways. Lucky for you, things just got a little easier, thanks to those five magical words: “There’s an app for that.” Continue Reading