Ra Ra Brunonia: Pacifica House

While Brown may not boast secret societies as well-known or proliferate as Skull and Bones, it does have one known society on campus: Pacifica House.  In typical Brown fashion, “Societas Domi Pacificae” operates relatively transparently – it has its own website and e-mail address.  Pacifica House remains a bit of an enigma on Brown University’s campus, but it is host to about 15 of the leading seniors on campus – people who have displayed leadership in some central extracurriculars, and, well, the rest is a secret.  Founded in 1824, Pacifica House has a historical association with the Cammarian Club, a university club that has since been succeeded by the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS).

Pacifica House, while exercising little role in campus policies or politics, tends to make its presence known with a variety of mysterious publications each year.  Two years ago, it inserted an extended critique of shopping period in the BDH.  Last year, it inserted enigmatic flyers in the student body mailboxes about fall weekend (better known as Columbus Day).  The organization seems to sustain itself on the sheer force of momentum with few productive ends, but then again, who doesn’t enjoy to loaf now and again?

**Author’s Note: 10 points and bragging rights to anyone who can unearth the contemporary link between UCS and Pacifica Society