A Misanthrope’s Guide to the Movies: This Is Where I Leave You

We’re back, bitches. Maybe you didn’t even know we were gone. Doesn’t matter, your year just got a little whole lot better.

We had awesome summers, thanks for asking, and we watched a lot of movies. But we don’t have the time or energy to review every movie we’ve seen since we left you. That’s what Yahoo Movies is for. We’re here to review one movie, with the star-studded cast of at least two movies: This is Where I Leave You.

This is Where I Leave You is a movie based on a book (I know, right? Who knew that was allowed?). Both the novel and the screenplay were written by the same guy, Jonathan Tropper. The book is laugh out loud hilarious. The movie exists. It’s the story of a family whose members hate each other (but not really) and are forced to sit shiva–a week long Jewish mourning tradition–after the death of their father. Though the dead patriarch was apparently secular, bringing his family together in mourning was his dying wish. Hilarity is supposed to ensue. [Ed: Does it? You’ll have to click through the jump to find out. We’re on the edge of our seats.]

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