Higher Ed Roundup: Winning, Sinning, and WTFing

It has been an exciting few weeks for colleges across the country, to say the least. Temperatures are rising, spring break is upon us, and  March Madness is basically here. Here are just a few stories to remind you of some recent strange–dare I say ridiculous–events in higher education:

If you are unaware of what’s been happening with Charlie Sheen recently, then just leave now. Charlie Sheen’s influence has inspired people all over our country to try to understand what really matters in life. His many words have been so inspirational that even some GW students want him as their commencement speaker. This GW Facebook page (with over 1,500 “likes”) implores Mr. Sheen to attend GW’s graduation. Other sites have followed, and even our very own Diddy tweeted at him. No one knows what the future hold for Sheen, though we must trust that it will be nothing less than epic.

Not in Providence, but in Provo, Utah, Brandon Davies, one of Brigham Young University’s finest basketball players, was suspended for having premarital sex (#sinning). According to BYU’s honor code, students are required to “live a chaste and virtuous life,” a rule which Davies apparently violated simply for attending sexction. The question remains: how did they find out about Davies’ sexual endeavors? Continue Reading

Diddy announces tour, tweets at Charlie Sheen

It’s been about three days since the leak of the UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING NEWS that Diddy will be gracing us with his presence for Spring Weekend 2011 (#winning) and we’re still beyond pumped.  On Monday, he took to BET’s 106 & Park to announce his upcoming “Coming Home Tour” which noticeably does not include any college dates, but we here at BlogDH are hearing that we might be the only school he’s playing (which makes it extra awesome).  On a related @iamdiddy note, he also tweeted the following at Charlie Sheen:

BlogDailyHerald is now officially spearheading the “Charlie Sheen 4 commencement speaker” movement!  #tigerblood