State of the City: We can’t drive, but we’re getting tigers!

Tigers are not cooler than bears. In disappointing Rhode Island news, the Roger Williams Park Zoo has nixed plans to bring in some additional polar bears, instead opting to build a new tiger exhibit. Tigers over bears?! I know with Christina Paxson coming in from Princeton, this might look suspicious, but we’re still the same old Brown Bears that we used to be. Or is this because we won’t increase our payments to the city? One controversy over some money and suddenly you’re off courting Tigers? Really Roger Williams Park Zoo?  Really?! Leaving your old-faithful Bears in the dust? Really Zoo?!  Really?!

Blurring the line. In Barrington, R.I., an attorney who specializes in defending people charged with D.U.I’s has been charged with a D.U.I herself. Hey, we all know how difficult it is to keep our personal and professional life separate.

Remember to honk your horn. A new study shows that Providence drivers are as bad as they seem. Providence was ranked 95th worst out of 100 cities considered by Men’s Magazine. Don’t worry, Providence, you don’t need their validation! We know you have your strong points — WaterFire, for example. Providence is the #1 WaterFire city in the country!