Time-waster of the day: February 12, 2013

The Blobfish. WTF, Evolution?

The Blobfish. WTF, Evolution?

Most of evolution’s creatures are beautiful and majestic, whether it be the ferocious tiger or the graceful, galloping gazelle. Then there are the animals that evolution created after it got schwasty at the GCB and subsequently devoured a pot brownie. The tumblr WTF, Evolution? writes humorously about these animals, from a scary-looking elephant seal to a pelican that looks like a urinal. WTF, evolution?

Time-waster of the day: October 27, 2011

This new blog asks an important (and seasonally relevant) question: Halloween or Williamsburg?

Sometimes it IS hard to tell.

Timewaster of the Day

When you’re angry, leave a note.

Timewaster of the day, 3/5

The tagline, “Yeah, it’s still bad for you–but see how good it can look,” makes you want to dress up those Friday chicken fingers like the gourmand you are.

Timewaster of the day

Celebrities aren’t as tall as you might think. This site should help the short people with their Napoleonic complexes.

Time-waster of the day 2/24/10

Want to waste time but hate feeling like you could be doing something more fulfilling? The perfect outlet for the conscientious time waster.