The Third Annual State of Brown with President Simmons

Want to hear the t(Ruth) about the current state of Brown? The Undergraduate Council of Students presents the 3rd annual State of Brown address with President Ruth Simmons. Simmons will discuss the current state of Brown and her vision of Brown’s future.

Come out to support your beloved president one last time as she gives her final scheduled address to the entire student body TODAY (3/15) in the Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium at 4 p.m. 

Send Ruth Simmons your gratitude — and maybe a few bucks, too

If you’re feeling particularly gratuitous and/or generous today between 12 and 2 pm, stop by the Chancellor’s Dining Room in the Ratty and leave Ruth Simmons a video message at the “Ruth Booth”…. and maybe donate some money to the Annual Fund, too. This is a great opportunity to show Ruth your appreciation, wear your T(ruth) t-shirt and let her know how much of a boss you think she is. Representatives from the Brown Annual Fund will be standing by to provide information and answer questions about the Million Dollar Milestone: A Record for Ruth. If the fund gets a record-setting 34,317 donors to make gifts this year, the Corporation has promised to contribute an additional $1 million.  

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Ruth interviewed for NYTimes leadership series, claims she was “impossible”

Our very own Ruth J. Simmons was interviewed for an article published today in a New York Times series called “Corner Office,” a weekly conversation feature “about leadership and management” by Adam Bryant. You can read the whole interview here, or in today’s New York Times.

The conversation included some great insights into how Ruth leads our school. Among the quotations that are surely about to be memorized as if they were sayings of the Dalai Lama: “I have always thought that in leadership that it’s much easier to convey to people what they should do in different situations if you convey the underlying principles… I would not have any tolerance at all for people who did not, in fact, strive hard to be a part of [the] team.” She definitely isn’t a micromanager.

Definitely the most interesting part of the interview, however, was Ruth’s reflection on her younger years. Although she was the youngest of 12 children, Ruth wanted to be the boss from a very young age: “I intervened in school… to tell teachers what they were doing wrong, or at least to tell them what I didn’t like about what they were doing.” If you’re ever in one of her Africana Studies or Comp Lit classes, try that and let me know how that goes.

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The Ultimate Gesture of Ruth Appreciation: October Edition

When Ruth announced her retirement effective at the end of the school year, there were obviously many questions that needed answering. Who would be Brown’s next fearless leader? Would Armageddon be triggered by Ruth’s departure? Would he/she be equally huggable? With these questions in the air, it makes perfect sense that Brown’s always-creative student body would take its appreciation for Ruth to a whole new level (though the outpouring at Saturday’s tailgate was higher than expected). Continue Reading