The FrugaList: Vol. I

No one needs an excuse to save money (and if you do, then you’re probably in the fabled 1%, in which case suck it).  With that noble goal in mind, here is a weekly cross-section of face-melting ways to save dough, which you can turn around to use and buy dough for baking.  I bake.  Do you?  It’s fun.


Say you’re tired of walking the streets of Providence and will puke if you see one more colonial house on Benefit Street.  The remedy for your architectural blues lies a few feet below, in the form of the East Side Railroad Tunnel.  This beast of a hidden area makes the Keeney tunnels seem like corn borer holes (Midwest thing, sorry) and is the best place in Providence to go for a creepy stroll.  It’s got ledges to shimmy along, rivers of red goo and at least one Satanic ritual has taken place there – can anyone say crucified bird?  There’s some great German graffiti, and it’s generally a good place to practice your Half-Life 2 walkthrough.  But bring one of those SARS masks because, when I was in there, I think I ingested about two more hours’ worth of rust particulates than the FDA recommends.

Savings:  Your industrial design sanity.

TL;DR – P-town underground.  Continue Reading