“Ride, Sally, Ride:” Scandal is BACK!


Cue the camera flashes: Scandal is BACK. And in traditional Scandal fashion, we begin in the middle of things at the press conference that defines the episode, “Ride, Sally, Ride.” There are several subplots to cover and Sally is up first. Somehow in this show, and now more than ever, all roads lead to Langston.

Note: Spoilers below!

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Portlandia is coming to Providence


Progressivism is an important part of what defines Brown — just ask HerCampus — but it’s also incredibly easy to parody. Portlandia, the Peabody Award-winning sketch comedy series on the IFC Channel (individual skits are also on Youtube), mocks similar themes by honing in on the notoriously hippie/hipster (crunchy?) city of Portland, Oregon.

Longtime fans of the series or merely those curious about starting to watch, listen up: Fred Armisen — one of the two stars of the show — will be visiting Providence on March 12th for an advance screening of Portlandia‘s fourth season. Providence is one of three lucky cities to be chosen for the event (along with Minneapolis and Denver), which will include a question and answer session with Mr. Armisen after the screening.

If you’re interested, check out the details here. Tickets go on sale today.

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Six Reasons To Be More Excited about “House of Cards” than Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day may be right around the corner, but you can make someone buy you dinner or stay home eating chocolate by yourself any night (if the second option rings a few too many bells, maybe check out Blind Bears). Only on February 14, 2014 will you finally have access to the much-awaited second season of House of Cards–and yet for some reason CVS is still stocking up on Hallmark Valentines instead of the construction paper prototypes of Kevin Spacey’s face that I keep sending to their headquarters. What are they going to refuse to sell next? Cigarettes? Anyway, despite what every jewelry store commercial wants you to think, here are six reasons that Valentine’s Day is far less exciting than House of Cards:

1. February 14 is the first night of Presidents’ Day Weekend. This means four blissfully school-free days to gorge on all 13 new episodes. Sure, your roommate may be spending the weekend going home or visiting friends at Columbia, but you get to travel to the high-profile, high stakes world of cutthroat D.C. politics from the comfort of your own bed. Valentine’s Day is only one night, House of Cards is forever.

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Vote now: Suits College Tour


The USA hit show Suits is about to embark on an epic college tour. Cast members will be traveling to colleges all over the country, including UCLA, Northwestern, and Harvard. Attendees will be able to see the new season’s premier episode before it airs on March 6. After the viewing, students will get the opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the actors of the show. The best part? We can nominate Brown to be a stop on the tour. This is where civic engagement is key. Everyone and their mothers should log on to Suits on Campus and nominate Brunonia. They’re heading to Harvard on February 27, so it seems like Brown would be an obvious choice for their next stop. The results will be posted on February 24, so you have plenty of time to vote. Make sure to share the page and get the word spreading around campus.

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12 days of Flogmas: TV show winter breaks


As I have been informed by many of my friends, finals period for some people actually means watching less TV than you would be able to otherwise. As much as they have tried to explain this concept to me, I remain confused. What are you doing all day? Studying? But you still eat right? And breathe? Okay, then I don’t get it…

As I have tried to explain to them, some individuals, myself included, actually see reading/finals period as a great opportunity to spend a few extra hours watching TV as a way of preserving mental sanity. Sure, I still work, but if I’m going to spend an entire 60 minutes working on a paper, I’m gonna need a 90-minute reprise (I already feel like I’ve been writing this article for an eternity). Continue Reading

Brian Griffin isn’t actually dead after all


Many Family Guy viewers were devastated the show’s writers decided to kill off Brian Griffin, the Griffin family’s dog, on November 24th. Viewers were outraged, and created online petitions demanding Brian’s return. We even wrote him a very heartfelt obituary, since he was once a Brown student, after all.

In yesterday’s episode, however, Stewie was able to travel back in time and save Brian just before he was struck by the car that killed him in the previous episode. Some people on the internet are attributing the Brian’s revival to demands and petitions from Family Guy‘s pissed-off audience. But Family Guy episodes take months to make, which means that the writers always had the intention of bringing Brian back. Continue Reading