@Columbuster, BlogDH Retweets History

Today is Columbus Day. Since this is the Blog, you probably thought we were going to make some witty strikethrough joke about Brown’s monumental ‘Fall Weekend’ decision and how we don’t use the word Columbus around these parts anymore — sorry we’re not sorry. Columbus Day is a federal holiday, observed by banks and post offices and other institutions where people usually get things done in their time off. Thus we’ll refer to the holiday by its proper name when remembering and reflecting on its namesake…by retweeting entries from his diary chronicling his first journey to the New World in 1492-93. While much of the diary appears in an edited, more narrative form (thanks to the editing skills of everybody’s favorite friar/historian/apologist/social activist Bartolomé de Las Casas), there are several passages that feature Columbus’s candid, first-person accounts of his expedition. The twitter travelogue of the Columbuster starts getting real after the jump.

8/2/92: it is very important that I forget sleep and pay much attention to navigation…which will be great labor #NoSleepTilAsia

9/14/92: [my men] had seen a tern and a tropic bird, and these birds never depart from land more than 25 leagues #navigationproblems #needmygps Continue Reading