It Takes Two: Jess Harper ’16 and Marileni Benopoulou ’17


Marileni Benopoulou (left, we think) and Jess Harper (right, we think) might just be the best dead ringers we’ve had this year. These foreign ladies, who are actually, and truly, often mistaken for each other, are known for… well… having everything be exactly the same. Interviewing them was trippier than Diplo on Spring Weekend.

Jess: For a while now, whenever I’ve been going out or in the Ratty, I’ve had people come up to me and go, like, “Hey Marileni!” Literally, the other day in the Ratty some guy nudged me, and he was like, “Hey!”
Marileni: (Laughs.) Yes, he told me. He was telling me that he was shouting at me—or you, that’s confusing—and then he pushed me—or you?—and you turned around and he was like, “Oh my god, I pushed the wrong girl.” I was at a party in the middle of last semester and I bumped into a guy and we said hi. And then I walked away and then he was like, “Just because we’re at a party you’re going to pretend you don’t know me?” And I was like, “We’ve never met before!” And he was like, “C’mon Jess!” and I was so confused.

J: Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding your favorite movie? Because it’s mine.
M: It’s my life. basically. My family is exactly like that.

M: Do people ever tell you that you look like a celebrity?
J: When I was younger, people said I looked like a young Kim Basinger.
M: Not really at home, but here I get Rachel McAdams a lot.
J: I also used to get Hilary Duff when I was younger, like when she was a younger Lizzie McGuire.

J: Have you been to London?
M: All my friends live there, so I’ve been there a lot. You’re a sophomore?
J: Yeah.
M: I’m trying to think of sophomores I know, but none are coming to mind.

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It Takes Two: Connor Sakwa ’15 and Pierre Eid ’16

Sigma Brothers: They grow up so fast.

Brothers: They grow up so fast.

Connor Sakwa (left) and Pierre Eid (right) are brothers from another mother for many reasons: not only are they doppelgängers, but they’re also both in the same fraternity. Connor and Pierre are known for their racial ambiguity, dark complexions,  bold eyebrows, big smiles, and their passion for the f—— Catalina Wine Mixer.

Pierre: When did we first hear that we looked alike?
Connor: [Editor-in-chief, William] Janover said it when you were like rushing, and I was like nah, I don’t see it, but yeah I think that was the first time. You were like a bigger version. A meatier version.
P: I think for me the first time was during rush when Philip [Heller, Copy Writer] told me that I looked like a brother. I think it’s a thing with those NYC prep boys, calling out doppelgängers.

C: Has your girlfriend ever mistaken you as me?
P: Never, fortunately.
C: That’s good for everyone.
P: I did hear once that my name infiltrated the Blog group, when Sydney [Mondry, Staff Writer] called me “a wider version of Connor Sakwa.”

C: What else…
P: Do you like the movie, Step Brothers?
C: It’s a quality film.

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It Takes Two: Nicole Grabel ’14 and Jamie Rosen ’17


Jamie Rosen (left) and Nicole Grabel (right) showed up to our interview wearing the same outfit–tall brown boots, blue jeans, white shirts, tan sweaters, hair down. COMPLETE. COINCIDENCE. They’re known for their long, curly blonde hair, being petite (or fun-sized), and their smize (smiling with their eyes).

Nicole: We know each other from camp. We went to the same camp. Also, her brother is my age and he went to the boys camp of my camp, so…
Jamie: And when I would come visit my brother at Brown, we would run into each other sometimes… And Nicole, don’t you have an older brother that goes to Brown, too?
N: Yeah, he goes to the med school at Brown.

(Some silence. Mumbling. Not awkward, but definitely silence.)

J: Are we, like, really bad at asking questions compared to other people?
BlogDH: Ehh, I mean you’re kinda stumped here.
J: It’s hard!

(Jamie gets an idea.)

J: Where did you live your freshman year?
N: I lived in Pembroke.
J: Me too! What part?
N: New Pembroke 3. It was a shithole.


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It Takes Two: James Blum ’14 and Andy Willcock ’14


Andy Willcock (left) and James Blum (right) are known for being… well…pretty much, almost identical. Truth be told, I had to ask them who was who multiple times throughout the interview. They had heard of each other before, and were aware that a doppelganger eerily existed somewhere around College Hill. Finally, they were able to break the ice and get to know each other face to face (rather, face to the same face), courtesy of BlogDH.

James: When did you know… like, when did you realize you had a doppelganger on campus?
Andy: It was probably spring of last year when Molly and I had a class together and she said, “Have you met James?” And she said, “Well, you look just like him. Like, we call you Athletic James.” And we ended up meeting at the GCB last semester and we definitely do look alike.
J: Sophomore year we both lived in Thete and you lived across from my two friends and we called you Thete James.
A: That’s funny… yeah I lived in Thete but I wasn’t actually in the frat.


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It Takes Two: Cheno Pinter ’14 and Molly Sandstrom ’17


Cheno Pinter ’14 (left) and Molly Sandstrom ’17 (right) are known for their blonde, blonde hair, their fair skin, their wide eyes, and their mouths, which are often pretty red. Cheno and Molly are both loud, creative, and funny. Therefore, they made the doppelgangin’ experience around 10 times cooler than it usually is.

Molly: Hi!
Cheno: Hi!
M: It’s nice to officially meet!
C: Yeah, sorry, I was with a dean and she was running late…
M: How unprofessional of her.
C: No, she’s like my best friend, she’s really chill.


M: Are you in a pirate a cappella group? Because every time I go to parties people ask if I’m in a pirate a cappella group and they also ask me if I’m working on a theater production or something like that.
C: It’s funny, actually… I found out that my doppelgänger was you because I was with someone who knows you — who the fuck was it — I was at a party when I got the email about this and I read it to him and I was like… ugh who was it… do you know Keston?
M: Yeah!
C: Well he ruined the whole surprise.

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It Takes Two: Lupita Rios ’17 and Monica Trevino ’17



Lupita (left) and Monica (right) are known for their dark, wavy, side-swept hair, their almond-shaped eyes, and their distinct facial shape/adorable chin. They were extremely enthusiastic about meeting their doppelgangers, and looked as though they were having more fun during their interview than Bradley Cooper did participating in the “selfie of the century.”

Lupita: [Upon approaching Monica] Oh my god, this is too funny.
BlogDH: Did you guys know it was each other?
Monica: Not really. But someone showed me you [Lupita] on Instagram and were like, “Look! She looks like you!”
L: No… once someone saw me, and they, like, called me your name… they were like “Monica!”
M: Oh my god, that’s so funny.

M: Where are you from?
L: I’m from Texas.
M: Wait, me too!!!
L: Wait, maybe we’re long lost sisters. [Pause] You look good!!!
M: Thanks, you too!!!
L: Now I can compliment you and, like, compliment myself too.
M: Yeah, it’s fun.

L: Do you like Ryan Gosling?
M: I think he kinda has a weird face.
L: I’m kinda in love with Ryan Gosling.
M: I like his movies though.

L: Are you by any chance addicted to coffee?
M: Not really. Caffeine doesn’t have an effect on me… but I like it!

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