BlogDH Panel: Memorable Uber experiences


At some point or another, we all rely on a beautiful little app called Uber to get around. It keeps us warm in the cold, safe in the dark, and ridin’ in style (most of the time). Uber drivers do a lot more than just take us from place to place, however. They often share their stories, give us much-needed advice on life and love, and add a little excitement to our otherwise mundane lives.

This past Halloweekend, my friend and I were bemoaning a certain boy’s failure to notice our presence, as one does in late-night Uber rides, and we were convinced all hope was lost. And yet, after a few minutes of despair, our driver turned around to us and said, “He’s not worth it. You guys are too young to be worried about things like that.” My friend and I turned to each other and realized how spot-on his words were. We then proceeded to throw the thought of this guy out the window and lived our lives like the free youths we were supposed to be.


After this enlightening experience, I decided to turn to my fellow members of BlogDH, and see if they had any Uber stories of their own to share. Here’s what they said:

“I had an Uber driver try to convince me that Andrew Jackson wasn’t the seventh president of the United States.” — Anthony DeRita

“My Uber driver this weekend overheard us talking about guys and was like, ‘Height isn’t that important…it’s all about their heart’ and then she [said,] ‘and more importantly, you can’t tell when they are lying down’ and she was like 45. She rocked.” — Allison Gordon

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Spotify and Uber team up, bring happiness

Look how happy they are.

Look how happy they are.

You can officially control everything from your phone. You can already hail a cab, via the magic that is Uber, and stream unlimited music, thanks to Spotify. Now you can stream unlimited music on your Uber driver’s radio.

Yesterday, Spotify announced a new partnership with Uber that will allow premium Spotify users to control the music in participating drivers’ cars. This new service launches Friday in London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto, with continued launches to come in the following weeks.

Uber is so excited about this new launch that they are giving users in launch cities the chance for ride-alongs and live sessions with artists including Andrew W.K., The Same Willows, Ximena Sariñana, Ansiktet, Professor Green, Diplo (of the Spring Weekend fame) Matt and Kim, Ricki Lee, Kevin Drew, and Jake Owen.

So, if you’re going home to one of these cities for Thanksgiving and you need to catch an Uber, tell your driver to turn off the oldies. You’re the DJ now.

Check out how it works in this handy video:

Jam on, folks, and here’s hoping Uber/Spotify doesn’t forget about Prov.

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Uber promotion coming to Rhode Island

Uber Free

We could’ve used this for Whisco last night.

As a show of gratitude for its loyal customer base in Rhode Island, Uber is letting customers ride for free for the next 3 days. From 7 a.m. on the 23rd through 6 p.m. on the 25th, rides on the app will be “automagically” free (well, for up to $20/ride and for only 3 rides, but still a pretty great deal). The campaign is using the hashtag #RILOVESUBER. In addition, Uber is offering a series of discounts with local businesses when you flash your ride receipt. Highlights include free Sloppy Harry fries at Harry’s Burgers and free nachos at Salon, but you can check out the entire list here. You might even need the ride just to get to Smitty-B in this absurd cold.

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