Ellen takes her stance

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

With the news of Tyler Clementi’s suicide still fresh in the public’s mind, Ellen ended her show Friday with a poignant cry against teenage bullying(you can watch the full video here). Ellen is a known advocate for causes such as animal rights and gay and lesbian equality. Tyler Clementi was just 18 and a student at Rutgers University when he committed suicide earlier this week for being exploited. If you or anyone you know on campus needs help, you can consult the psychological services center for further assistance.

Brown happiest school in nation… again

Brown University has topped Princeton Review’s list of the colleges with the happiest students for the second year in a row!

Princeton Review’s annual list of the Best Colleges in the country, this year 373, will be released in book form tomorrow. It ranks the top 20 schools in 62 categories.

Brown’s also ranked on four other lists: Best College Radio Station (#5), Best College Theater (#17), Lots of Race/Class Interaction (#18), and Best Quality of Life (#18).

I don’t think anyone really knows how they tabulate these things, some kind of survey, but good for Brown students for being (perceived as) happy. This is one ranking we kick ass at (unlike cough cough US News and World Report). Not that anyone cares about that sort of thing….