Spring Weekend student DJ poll: Take two

The battle for Spring Weekend glory continues. Late last February, the Brown Concert Agency announced their campaign to choose a student DJ to play between sets on the festival’s final night. After reviewing mix submissions, they narrowed the pool down to three candidates —Nick Melachrinos ’15, Tristan Rodman ’15 and Abe Arambolo ’13—and put the decision in our hands. 

That’s when things got a little messy. Over Spring Break it became clear that some unfair practices were used to sway the results. By the time we returned to school, over three thousand votes had been tallied. The huge vote push could have been the product of a sweeping democratic impulse throughout our vacationing student body. However, the more cynical among us were quicker to attribute it to a few enterprising computer scientists. No one is interested in pointing any fingers — especially BCA — but turns out it’s very possible to rig results for polls like these using a script that automatically votes from open IP adresses. When the BCA came across “evidence” of this sort of vote tampering last week, they shut the thing down and started from scratch.

The new poll can be found on BCA’s blog. They used Google Forms to set up the poll this time, so the only way to vote is to use a legitimate Brown email address. Make sure not to get too tricky or eager; multiple submissions from the same email will void all of that email’s submissions. Listen to the mixes, vote for your favorite, and spread the word!

Time-waster(s) of the day: Election Day edition

After an exhausting saga riddled with false conclusions, the election cycle finally comes to a definitive close tonight. This means no more speculating, debating or anxious poll-poring. It’s time to stop focusing on binders of women. All that’s left to do is vote and wait for the results.

But where’s the fun in that? We have only a few precious hours left to enjoy the often absurd, always entertaining theater that is the American Presidential election–drink it in! If you’re a hardened poll junkie, revel in your final chance to extrapolate from the data found on sites like the no-nonsense RealClearPolitics. For hardcore economics majors, here is a more detailed comparison of the candidates’ economic plans. If you’re a prospective political scientist, peruse the analysis of intelligent blogs like The Monkey Cage and FiveThirtyEight. Use your last chance to consider every possible outcome on interactive sites like 512 Paths to the White House and 270ToWin. Finally, once the results start coming in and you’re a few beers into your election drinking game, you’ll want to catch Jon and Steve’s streaming live coverage. This only happens once every four years–take advantage of it. And feel free to add your favorite election-related time-waster in a comment!

Note: Guilt-free usage of these time-wasters is only permitted to those who actually voted. 

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Participate in democracy and get cheap burgers!

Slow down there, cowboy: They’ll cut you off after four burgers.

Yet another incentive for you to rock the vote. All day tomorrow, Harry’s, home of the 68-ounce beer boot, spiked root beer float, and Mother of All Burgers, will be offering its legendarily cheap and delicious sliders for one buck a pop. (Note: This doesn’t combine with other promotions, which means no 50-cent sliders during half-off happy hour.) All you have to do is show ’em your “I Voted!” sticker. [Ed.-We get stickers for voting?!?! Why don’t they advertise that more?] No word on how us stickerless absentee voters will prove our participation, but we’ll take our chances. Burgers and democracy: Does it get any more American than that?

UPDATE: Vote in Salomon if you’re registered with an on-campus address

UPDATE: If you are not registered in Rhode Island and are looking to register today, you cannot do so in Salomon. You must go down to the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center and vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates there. A previous version of this post said that you can register in Salomon if you had yet not registered in the state.

For most Brown undergraduates, today marks the first time we can vote in a presidential election. In case you missed voter registration for your home state, Rhode Island allows eligible voters to cast their ballots on election day for presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Any Brown student who has registered in the state of Rhode Island with his/her on-campus address (69 Brown Street, Box ####) before the deadline can vote in Salomon today. Bring either a government-issued or school ID.

If you are not registered and are hoping to register today to vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates, you must go down to the Dunkin’ Donuts Civic Center.

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Rhode Island still “Plantation” State

Our state's seal - with the controversial "Providence Plantations"

In yesterday’s election, voters sent a strong message – Rhode Island’s name should not be changed. A proposition presented a call for the official name of the state to go from “the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to just “the State of Rhode Island.” Many thought the “plantation” referenced politically incorrectness about Rhode Island’s role in slavery, and should therefor be nixed from the official state name. However, supporters of the original name argued that “Providence Plantations”  was supposed to mean “settlement” when it was coined by Roger Williams, an opponent of slavery, in the 1600s. And about 80% of voters agreed – history reigns and Rhode Island’s name will not be changes, regardless of how “bad” it sounds. What we’re wondering is when’s the vote coming to get rid of “Island” in Rhode Island? If we’re trying to make the state’s name PC, shouldn’t we also try to make is geographically correct?