Brown bares all in new subreddit: Our Q&A with the site’s moderator

Disclaimer: Almost none of the links in this post are safe for work studying in the FriSC. Click through at your own discretion.

If you, like us, have been wasting time perusing Spotted at Brown during the last few days, you might be aware of a new subreddit heating up the Brown cyberscene. The site, punnily titled BrownBares, serves as a space for Brown students to post revealing or nude photos of themselves. As of yesterday, the URL redirects to the site.

To date, 27 posts have gone up on the subreddit, the vast majority of which feature nude or semi-nude photos of students. While most of the photos seem to have been taken in dorm rooms or bathrooms, one brave poster (deemed “Salomon” by his Spotted at Brown following) fully embraced the spirit of the subreddit and took to the 500-seat Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium to take naked pictures. Another female poster hints at having taken pictures of herself in a library bathroom. (Though no photos have featured donuts yet…)

Brunonians aren’t the only college students who like being nekkid on the Internet. Boobs@Bard, for example, is a tumblr that showcases topless photos of the women of Bard College, while its counterpart, Bard Cocks on Campus, features bottomless photos of men. Once those two sites gained traction, copycats quickly arose in WesBreasts/Westacles at Wesleyan, Titties at Tulane/Cocks on Campus at Tulane and Vag@Vassar — the men at Vassar apparently haven’t risen to the challenge.

BlogDailyHerald recently caught up with the moderator and founder of BrownBares and direct messaged him (yup, he’s male, we asked) a few of the questions we’ve all been wondering:

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Coffee Exchange: Milk or creeper?

How many times have you peed at Coffee Exchange? If you’re a normal human being, probably a lot, because caffeine is a natural diuretic, duh.

But perhaps next time you’ll think twice before you use the restroom at this hamster haven. A CofX employee has been allegedly videotaping users of the cafe’s unisex bathroom, according to The Providence Journal. A RISD student found a hidden camera below the sink Friday, and yesterday the employee was charged with video voyeurism, the Projo reports.

It’s too bad, because a totally scientific BlogDH poll two months ago voted Coffee Exchange the second-best coffee on the East Side…and we love their Kid from Brooklyn blend! Keep frequenting the spot, just make sure you use the bathroom before you leave the house.

Then again, who knows? Maybe this is all an elaborate hoax for some avant-garde voyeuristic film by a RISD student. Art, people, art.

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