PSA: How to avoid hooking up with frosh

The Walk of Shame is ten times longer from Keeney…

Last Friday, I was dragged along by my friends to the soccer game. Now, I don’t pay attention to foot-games, so as I sullenly zoned out (what color uniforms do we wear again?). I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation of the sophomore girls seated behind me.

“I’m so super excited to be going out this weekend! Oh my god, I’m gonna get so wasted.”

“Yeah, I haven’t gotten laid in forever.”

“Oh my god, just be careful. You don’t want to hook up with a freshman.”

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Walk of Shame Shuttle: Why don’t we have one of these?!

Floating around the Internet recently has been the story of a young entrepreneur, Kellyann Wargo, who has made a legitimate business out of shuttling UMich Ann Arbor students home after “successful” nights out. A ride costs $5 and comes with a free bottle of water, a $5 off Plan B coupon, and “a complimentary high five.”

Wargo was often sought out in the wee hours by her friends, as she was one of the only girls with a car. When she realized the enormous demand for early morning, post-hookup rides home, she decided to turn her de facto cab service into a business venture.  In addition to the video/article linked above, you can watch her interview with the Heritage Ann Arbor here.

Anyone with a car want to take up the torch here?  One might argue that Brown’s campus is too small to have a market for a cross-campus cab service, to which I would respond: “Perkins.” Maybe this can simply turn into a SafeWalk-like WalkofShameWalk — complete with flip flops and an oversized sweatshirt.