How to cross campus without freezing to death


Oh God. It’s here. Or it might be here. It seems like just yesterday it was 90 degrees outside and we were all wearing booty shorts as we strutted the Main Green. But that time of the year is gone, and what’s to come is downright terrifying. Yet, we’re not really sure what’s going on because Providence weather is quite confusing and we’re living each day on our toes. Special shout-out to for always being there.

What we do know is that winter in Providence starts pretty early. It’s going to get colder—a lot colder—as we move into November and December, and Brown students have always struggled to find ways to stay alive in the midst of this arctic chill. We drink coffee and wrap ourselves in fabric, but, more often than not, we each lose at least one limb to frostbite. It’s tragic but true.

The hardest part of the impending winter season is handling those brief moments we spend outside when getting from class to class. It feels like the wind is pistol-whipping us each time we open the door, and stomping through snow reminds us of Elsa from Frozen beating us to death with our own arms.

But never fear! Blog is here with some great tips to make it through this garbage-y season. If even the thought of leaving your residence hall makes you want to curl into fetal position, give some of these a try. They might just save your life. Continue Reading

Autumn has arrived

Well, it’s official: today is the first day of autumn. So even though the weather has been amazingly warm the past couple of days (and will be 80 on Saturday–perfect for the Brown vs. Harvard night football game) you may want to rethink wearing those bright pink shorts and flip flops to class. Okay, maybe you can wear them for a couple more days, at least until the weather really turns, but still. The time for soft scarves, comfy sweaters, and hot apple cider is approaching. And freshmen, you’re in for a serious visual treat, especially if you’re not form the area: the trees in Providence turn into the most perfect and splendid autumn colors there are. And as sad as it is to see the summer go, there’s something about the fall that’s completely lovable.